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Synonyms for washout

Synonyms for washout

one that fails completely

Synonyms for washout

the channel or break produced by erosion of relatively soft soil by water

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the erosive process of washing away soil or gravel by water (as from a roadway)


someone who is unsuccessful

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Return on the Concrete Washout System investment is easily calculated by the recovered sand alone, he adds.
Trudeau traveled to California to investigate the use of the trailers, before starting his own business, Concrete Washout Solutions, this past July.
The washout times for sevoflurane and desflurane were compared for each machine using two-tailed unpaired Student's t-tests.
Volunteers followed that regimen with another week-long "no lycopene" washout stint before switching over to a final 1 -week phase featuring lunches of whichever type of chili--red or tangerine--they had not already eaten earlier in the study.
A washout occurs when drainage capacity is exceeded and the earth and rock bedding under the rails and ties is washed away, leaving the track unsupported.
WEATHER forecasters predict we're in for a long, hot summer which could make up for last year's miserable washout.
During the washout, participants were instructed to drink any cold beverages only from stainless steel bottles and to avoid drinking water from the polycarbonate dispensers in the college dining halls.
IN THE SPOTLIGHT Who: Colin Povey Why: The chief executive of Warwickshire County Cricket Club said Edgbaston would not lose out financially from Saturday's washout which saw play abandoned on the third day of the npower Ashes Test when heavy afternoon rain left the outfield covered in huge puddles.
The washout summer has been a good one for gourmets though - there's been a bumper crop of British truffles which can fetch up to pounds 2,500 a kilo.
The participants received 1 night of polysomnographic recording for diagnosis and adaptation with 6 days of drug free washout.
Because the washout happens before patients randomly receive either the drug or a placebo, adverse events during this time cannot be attributed to the trial and so are seldom, if ever, included in the results.
Organisers had been worried the rain would turn the event into a washout, but the rain held off and the sun broke through to help make the event a success.
ENGLAND are a best-priced 1-6 to beat West Indies in the second Test after yesterday's total washout at Headingley.
While thousands of consumers are expected to swarm Southland shopping centers and stores today, it is still too early to tell if retailers will see blockbuster holiday spending or if sales will be a washout.