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a day set aside for doing household laundry


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The Global Hand washing Day campaign motivates and mobilizes people around the world to improve their hand washing habits.
The purpose of Global Hand washing Day is to create awareness about the importance of hand washing with soap to prevent diseases and to save lives.
In the annual celebration of Global Hand Washing Day, the soap brand and health advocates "Lifebuoy" launched the National Hand Washing Campaign, aiming to raise awareness on the importance of washing hands.
The fact that hand washing day is celebrated internationally every year was known to only 50.
Eve had no dinner-pot, and no clothes to mend and no washing day.
Sadig bin Abdul-Kareem Al-Shihabi, the SMC Decontamination Section, organized a ceremony on the occasion of the Global Hand Washing Day, under the slogan: (Save human lives by washing hands) which coincides with the 5th of May each year, in the presence of a number of MOH's officials, physicians, nurses, etc.
International Hand Washing Day in the state capital of Bor and in the Counties.
On Global Hand Washing Day on Monday, the Emirates Flight Catering (EKFC) joined hands with the Food Control Department of the Dubai Municipality (DM) to spread the message of the occasion through various ways.
Every Monday morning was washing day in our house, Bank Holiday or no Bank Holiday.
Simple hand washing with soap can avert over 60% of deaths attributed to bad sanitation," she said at the commemoration of the Global Hand Washing Day recently.
Saturday was Global Hand Washing Day, a campaign urging people to rinse regularly with warm water and soap as the most effective and cheapest way to stop germs and infections spreading.
com Washing Day When I was young years ago Monday was wash day you know No washing machine for us no fear Into the brewhouse we'd go There was me and my aunt Edna And our big bottle of pop Stuck behind the boiler In case we spilled a drop We'd scrub and sing and boil em up We had a lovely time We'd get em out and blue em all And hang em on the line We'd stop and have some dinner Baked spuds and a rice pud And then back to the brew-w house As fast as we could We had to leave it clean you see Cos others had to use it We washed it all down And swilled it all out And then we cleaned the who s it It took all day this washing lark But we didn't care a kipper We was making memories To recall them to our nipper.
New Delhi, Oct 27 (ANI): Union Minister of State for Rural Development Agatha Sangma attended a function at a Government school here on the occasion of Global Hand Washing Day on Tuesday.
We have issued this message to parents to coincide with the Second Annual Global Hand Washing Day which is being observed by more than 80 countries in the world," said Dr.
WOMEN are more likely to have a washing day disaster than men, a survey showed.