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a building or outbuilding where laundry is done

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The washhouse entrance was like the pit lane at the British Grand Prix, except instead of streamlined racing cars, all you could see were lines of the battered old prams.
There was this particular lady who passed the top of our street weekly (this was in the 1950s) pushing an old pram with a huge bag of washing to the washhouse.
The flight over the tropics provides data from the atmosphere s so-called washhouse.
Operators objected to the notion that travel time--commuting from the washhouse to the face, was time they needed to compensate.
There is a rear patio and decking, single garage, former washhouse plus a generously sized work/storeroom.
The day after the Tonypandy riot, "as though envious of their comrades in the Rhondda Valley" Powell Duffryn strikers marched to Cwmbach and attempted to attack the power station and adjoining washhouse at Middle Duffryn Colliery.
I bought a foal at Doncaster sales and kept it in the washhouse," he says, grinning at the memory.
After being ordered to the washhouse they would have had a slight wait in Hummer before the bell rang at 8.
This includes the house, blacksmith shop, sauna, washhouse, chicken coop, outhouse, a guesthouse (the newest addition), greenhouse, and a 25-acre fenced pasture for our horses and cattle.
Chinese idolatry is ridiculed earlier in this act in which several Chinese characters prostrate themselves before the four idols of Fire, Water, Air, and Earth in a temple at the rear part of a Chinese washhouse.
She opened the first public washhouse in the country, and had a pivotal role in teaching people that cholera was linked to dirty water, being dubbed the "Saint of the Slums".
69) In failing to flesh out the Shaker life of the likes of Permilla, Giles misses the chance to fully imagine discussions that probably took place in quiet corners of a Shaker kitchen or washhouse between a few real Shaker women, conversations about the burdens of sex and endless childbearing of which their Shaker life had freed them.
It won't make you any happier and you wont suddenly be the talk of the washhouse, so why bother?
When Donald and Larry find themselves cornered by a madman in the camp washhouse their only escape through the clean-out door behind the toilet readers will be truly disgusted when Donald falls in.