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a day set aside for doing household laundry


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That may not seem noteworthy but it decreased the washday effort considerably.
Many consumers from other areas rushed to the test markets to buy the revolutionary new washday product.
To ensure this happened, Mom put the washday boiler on the blue Kalama: zoo kitchen range.
WASHDAY BLUES I REMEMBER long-gone Mondays, Washing done all in the old ways.
In 1952, P&G followed Tide's success with Cheer, advertised as a "Blue Magic washday wonder" on the new medium of television.
Those who remember Monday as washday remember it was an "all day affair.
Hanging out laundry like colorful prayer flags on washday.
Every Monday was washday - "not my favorite day of the week," Guardino writes - when her mother boiled water, scrubbed clothes clean on a washboard, rinsed them twice in tubs of cold water, wrung them out by hand and hung them out to dry in good weather or on a rope across the kitchen during bad weather.
In unserviced houses (only 12 per cent of Irish rural dwellings had piped water in 1960), (53) or even in serviced houses with big families, one bathroom, no running hot water and washday only once a week, it was a challenge for the mainly single women who were in the work force to present themselves workplace-clean, neat and reasonably fashionable every day.
IT WILL be Victorian washday today at Cae'r Gors, former Welsh novelist Kate Roberts' home turned heritage centre.
Monday was washday, and when she had left for the weekend, Pearl assured Mrs.
If it rained on washday, we strung the wash on a line in the cellar--an unfinished basement, probably with a dirt floor.
Washday was done outdoors around a large black pot over a bed of hot coals.
141) When he was home on washday he would also help hang the laundry.