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garments or white goods that can be cleaned by laundering

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Even though women have had to take care of their personal hygiene needs for thousands of years, modern women seem to think washable and reusable sanitation products are novel and new.
The benefits were even greater if washable nappies were re-used for a second child.
She says one of the most obvious green issues for new parents is, of course, the disposable or washable nappies decision.
Using washables can reduce the waste in your bin by up to a half.
No wonder that modern washables - most of them shaped like disposables and fastened with velcro or poppers and covered with a soft waterproof wrap - are increasingly being described as a fashionable lifestyle choice.
Sixty per cent of parents who use washables said they did so because they thought they were more environmentally friendly.
The Whirlpool Personal Valet is a chemical-free system housed in an armoire-style cabinet that steams and freshens most fabrics, including machine washable and dry-clean-only items.
Washable rugs, categorized as bath rugs by most vendors, saw a respectable 4 percent positive sales change in 2003 over 2002, reflecting that wider consumer application trend was more saturation across a greater number of channels of distribution.
The hospital's laundry uses ozone to clean and disinfect washables and is also equipped to reuse water and reclaim heat.
which will be purchased from previous plant operator Washables,
If not, do the handkerchief test with some diluted liquid soap marked for use on fine washables.
Some nursing homes are purchasing both disposables and washables and leaving it up to their staffs to choose between them according to staffers' preference.
Giving an environmental twist to "fine washables," Kuakini Medical Center has become the first health care organization in Hawaii to implement an infectious-waste disposal system using a special biodegradable product that melts in water heated to over 200 [degrees] fahrenheit - and then washed safely down the drain.
Before storing, send woolens to the dry cleaner and wash the washables, then store them in a taped box or sealed bag.
Developed with mainstream consumers in mind, the Mabu Baby system can save families up to $50 or more a month by purchasing Mabu Baby washables versus brand name disposable diapers.