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capable of being washed without injury


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The combination of the washability recovery rates and thick coal seams enhance the economics of future mining operations due to the high product coal ratio versus ROM Coal.
Based on sample and washability analyses completed a summary of the
Its excellent washability ensures prolonged lifetime for this premium quality glove.
A consultant in fossil fuel analysis and quality management based in New Jersey, Nadkarni lists the ASTM methods for measuring such characteristics as carbon and hydrogen in coal and coke, mercury, plasticity of coal, sieve analysis, specific gravity of lump coal, and washability.
Due to its high durability and superior washability, it has excellent flow and coverage, therefore giving a smooth surface, he said.
Cotton 75 excels thanks to its soft handle, outstanding volume-weight balance and sheer washability.
Modern, high quality water-based paints offer an excellent performance profile - superior durability and colour retention, excellent washability, for example.
For a project like this, where washability is key, organic cotton is a perfect choice.
Struktol MR 161A is said to offer such benefits as fast biodegradability, good wetting of surfaces, no swelling of rubber, it is silicone-free, no corrosion of metal parts, low pour point, thermal and chemical stability, no mold fouling, it is non-irritating to the skin, it is very cost-effective, it is a stable lubricant film and easy washability with water.
Sure, some boutique hotels have traded up their textiles and furnishings, but most hotel sheets and towels are made for durability and washability, not comfort and prestige.
Fabrics are especially chosen for their washability, wearability and durability with non-iron and Tefloncoated items.
Rugby shirts have always been ideal armchair wear, with their generous cut and washability, but the new Nike shirts are skin-tight for goodness sake.
Lightness, comfort, warmth and washability are the starting points when looking for a golf wardrobe.
They provide the user with benefits such as acid resistance as well as washability.
These were not commercially successful because the strict requirements of ink water balance are usually contrary to those of water washability.