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capable of being washed without injury


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A theoretical approach to coal flotation washability correlation.
Royale also outperforms its peers on the washability front, securing a much-coveted 'Class-0' certification from Interteklabs, a prestigious testing agency in the united Kingdom.
A benchmarking study examining the interior wall paints recently introduced into the market was conducted to understand the general trend and to baseline the stain resistance and washability performance of these new products.
Color, sheen, durability, washability, scrubbability, LEED or regional environmental requirements are factors when choosing coatings for your facility.
It also helps in explaining washability versus hiding imperfections," he says.
Operating under strict protocols, testing services will include; the measurement of particle fineness, foaming and de-foaming properties, adhesion, washability resistance, gloss reflection and surface properties by microscopic analysis, as well as the characterisation of raw materials and formulated compounds.
Work completed includes washability analysis of individual coal seams and detailed analysis of the washed coal comprising proximate and ultimate analysis, ash analysis, ash fusion and HGI.
The major advantage of cotton is its durability and washability.
Recent coal washability test work, performed by the internationally accredited Stewart Laboratory in Ulaanbaatar, indicated that a product with 6500 kcal/kg heat value, less than 10% ash and 0.
A coal washability function will model a complete wash curve, calculate cumulative data from fractional washability data; provide access to regularization tools to interpolate missing data and compile a standard wash matrix; and features to export coal washability tables.
The Copley Scientific Tergotometer is a convenient and economical laboratory-scale system suited to test the | effectiveness of soaps and detergents, or the 1 washability and color-| fastness of fabrics and other materials.
ScarAway is made from a patented material that provides a unique combination of breathability, flexibility, washability and adhesiveness, with a silky fabric backing for optimal convenience and comfort.
A total of 275,000 sq m of internal walls and ceilings within Meydan were coated with Fenomastic emulsion matt system, a high quality acrylic copolymer based emulsion paint with outstanding washability, hiding power and colour retention properties.
Its excellent washability ensures prolonged lifetime for this premium quality glove.
Ease of washability prevents product buildup in hair and clogging of the pores.