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Upon visiting the site our officer found only minimal evidence of mice activity in one pot wash room.
When we find no wash room we try to use the wash room meant for the ladies lawyers but we have to face untoward situation therein as well, said a group of ladies.
Tender notice number : 1000249631 Kolkata Wash Room
While the leaders of the two parties PTI and PAT Imran Khan and Tahirul Qadri went to rest in their comfortable containers parked at Jinnah Avenue and D-Chowk outside the parliament house leaving the workers uncared and unattended in the open sky without any facility of wash rooms and other such basic necessities of life.
If a restaurant's wash rooms are not clean and/or readily available hot water and liquid soap, says don't eat there.
These schools, colleges were being provided the modern facilities including wash rooms, new class rooms, white boards, filtration plant, water coolers, white wash etc.
The first floor slab is supported by a central block of reinforced concrete walls enclosing a connecting stairway, wash rooms and machine rooms at ground level.
He said six new classrooms, a multi purpose hall, a library, an admin block and 12 new wash rooms were being constructed while admin block will be completed till December 25.
As well as housing the stairs, the towers gather to them the village pump means of social intercourse: small kitchens, copiers, fax machines, wash rooms and so on.
Tenders are invited for Construction of wash rooms & Rest rooms at lrs siddaramapuram of ananthapur
9 billions for furnishing, construction and renovation of boundary walls, classrooms, wash rooms and halls of 200 federal educational institutions.
ISLAMABAD -- Under Prime Minister Education Reforms Program Phase II, basic facilities like construction of new class room, wash rooms and furniture have been provided to Islamabad Model Shcool for Girls Sang Jani besides appointment of teaching staff.