wash one's hands

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to absolve oneself of responsibility or future blame

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Al-Mirghalani explained that once the vegetables are washed, one must wash one's hands to ensure that there are no germs on one's hands.
Semmelweis, who practiced medicine in the mid-nineteenth century, was foolish enough to argue for what today is a medical truism: one should wash one's hands before delivering a baby.
In the weeks of panic and uncertainty in April and early May, primary public health measures were to wash one's hands, wear a mask, and stay home.
With a bucket in one hand and a glove on the other - many dispensed with the glove because it was easier to wash one's hands than clean a glove - the pure-finders roamed the streets, wherever the nation's dogs roamed.
We have been into some stores where the merchandise itself is so dusty and dirty that one literally has to wash one's hands afterwards.