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eat food accompanied by lots of liquid

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flow freely


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With capital expenditures limited throughout the market downturn, the producer confined the automated truck wash down to Minnesota.
The touch screen functions and overall PC operations remain unaffected by the direct, high-pressure wash down giving testimony to the unrelenting nature of this industrial computer.
For the material for which the Danish armed forces do not perform the wash down and disinfection, the bidder shall be in charge of wash down and disinfection of (ex vehicles, electronic equipment, container etc.
Wash and clean the glass and frame inside, sweep away debris and wash down staging, which will help prevent problems from pests and diseases over the winter.
Open IP69K-protec-tion, stainless-steel construction, and double-sealed display terminals make ICS models durable for high-pressure wash down, while a small footprint and portable design enhance versatility.
As a food manufacturer, it is important for Bendicks to be able to wash down its equipment with water at 630C or hotter to prevent microbial growth, so any disruptions in the hot water supply would disrupt plant operations.
Corus Northern Engineering Services has invested in a new vehicles wash down facility at Lackenby.
Now, if you'll excuse me, this has given me a headache, and I need to wash down my extra-strength caplet with a lite beer while relaxing with a cigarette.
The CA-CEM's companion piece is the CA-CES stainless steel wash down model.
Clean from the top down' always wash in the shade to avoid drying marks and repeat cleaning' wring sponge or chamois out over the bucket' use a sponge to wash down with one hand, and a chamois in the other to dry off immediately, and wash your car after a rain shower - the car will already be wet, so you won't need to rinse it first.
The cherished cognac was spotted by Miami immediately, and he imbibed enough to wash down lunch.
You wash down the car, or the front door step, or any food preparation surfaces.
This high tech line of hose expands Strahman's existing Wash Down Equipment line of economy and premium hoses.
Units are designed to be easy to wash down and clean, with smooth construction that helps prevent the entrapment of particles.
The North Bay company has developed a number of products designed to offer protection against contamination, including a tent-like shelter, which can be used as a contamination control centre or a hospital, as well as a mobile decontamination trailer, which can be used to wash down and decontaminate objects exposed to dangerous substances.