wash away

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remove by the application of water or other liquid and soap or some other cleaning agent

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Bad weather could make it impossible to cross the short expanse of sea, and increasing sea levels could wash away the quays.
Wash Away Quick Lube provides an oil change in nine to 13 minutes and even brings a wireless credit card terminal to the vehicle.
Aesthetically, Tiny Tillia is right on the money: kids are usually thrilled to have products made just for them, and with lovable animals and prints adorning each bottle, the bath time struggle might just wash away.
Already trailing by a set and facing a five-game deficit in the second to Troy of Fullerton's Cosmina Ciobanu, Barte could only hope the rainstorm projected to wash away the final day of the tournament would finally arrive at the Seal Beach Tennis Center.
Drink lots of water to wash away food particles, and eat fewer sticky, soft foods, like Twinkies.
Every time you wash your extended cold weather clothing system (ECWCS) parka and trousers, you wash away more than just dirt.
Hoping for redemption through charitable donations, the semiretired don finds that the young man who slaughtered his own family members as his child was being baptized (in The Godfather) cannot wash away his sins by offering holocausts and bribes to greedy churchmen.
To help students understand pre-Civil War America, a time when some who opposed slavery were branded insane, and to introduce a violent crusader who accurately predicted that only blood could wash away slavery.
They found that efficiency dipped most after periods that combined low winds, in which insects put in the most flight hours, with no rain to wash away carcasses.