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a Japanese plant of the family Cruciferae with a thick green root

the thick green root of the wasabi plant that the Japanese use in cooking and that tastes like strong horseradish

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Steven Sweeting, Director of Product Management of Storage Made Easy said, "We have been working closely with Wasabi and are pleased to be able to offer our customers a new simpler cost-effective storage option.
Now, before you run out to the nearest Japanese market to go wasabi shopping, keep in mind that only Japanese wasabi have hair growth chemicals.
The program was created in collaboration with Wasabi Ventures Academy, which offers a series of courses about startups.
One thing we love about Wasabi Warriors brand is the story behind eating good, doing good, and feeling good.
Over the years, her affinity for spicy food and tastes, such as wasabi, only grew, inspiring her winning potato chip flavor.
Handler was represented internally in the Wasabi transaction by Scott Galin, and Jason Pennington, of Ripco Realty.
2 skinless salmon fillets, cut into 3cm chunks 2 spring onions, cut into 3cm lengths 2 tbsp soy sauce 1 tsp wasabi (paste or powder - find it in the Foods Of The World aisle in supermarkets) 1/2 tsp runny honey Sesame seeds, to garnish
Add a drop of the crushed garlic or wasabi and a dash of soy sauce.
Gustafson added that Wasabi is expected to heal in about six weeks.
At the supermarket, you'll find two main varieties of wasabi: the powdered kind, which is shelf-stable (you just add water) and wasabi in a tube, which must be refrigerated after being opened.
Scanning the menu, we go with the Japanese Crispy Calamari (Dh45) and Wasabi King Prawns (Dh53) as starters.
Then, to add an extra kick to the Landana range, there is a new variety Landana Wasabi & Seaweed
SeeNews) - Nov 13, 2012 - Australian clean energy investor Wasabi Energy Ltd (ASX:WAS) today said it had signed a conditional agreement to form a subsidiary to step up the deployment of its Kalina Cycle waste heat-to-power technology in Asia.
THOMAS Klein International (TKI), the region's leading restaurant and hospitality consultants, and its Chicago- based architects PS Studio, have completed the interior design of the new Wasabi outlet located on the Kuwaiti Corniche, in Point 5.
Thomas Klein International (TKI), a regional restaurant and hospitality consultant, and their Chicago-based architects PS Studio, have completed the interior design of the new Wasabi outlet located on the Kuwaiti Corniche, in Point 5.