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Synonyms for warriorlike

(of persons) befitting a warrior

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His honesty, the warriorlike way he leads by example and his innate football ability meant his team mates loved him.
He could have been forgiven for going through the motions, testing his shoulder out and coming off after five minutes but he and Ramsey Dean were warriorlike with some of the tackles they were making.
She kept talking about the warriorlike energy she was drawn to--that irresistible energy," says actor Erica Berg, who plays Antigone 2.
John Kerry, has risen to the bait, making the campaign for too long a contest between a former warrior and a warrior wannabe over just how warriorlike each would be as president.
Sansargereltech says this work "tells the story of Karakorum's rise and fall: the warriorlike character of the nomadic Mongols, the chaos of the bazaars, the infighting of the khan's descendants, and the death of the city at the hands of the Manchus.
Ull possessed warriorlike attributes and was called upon for aid in individual combat.
ENGLAND boss Roy Hodgson hailed John Terry's warriorlike qualities, even though the Chelsea captain is now a doubt for Tuesday's Wembley meeting with Ukraine.