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maintains a rabbit warren

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Speaking at the recent Nightclub & Bar Convention and Trade Show in Las Vegas, Warrener noted several reasons that restaurant server/guest interactions can go wrong: The proximity of customers (they're right in front of you); customizable orders (they want it their way); and simultaneous order/product delivery.
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Postmus is assistant professor and director, Sarah McMahon is assistant professor and associate director, Corinne Warrener is a PhD candidate, and Lisa Macri is a doctoral student at the Center on Violence Against Women at Rutgers University.
McMahon, Postmus, Warrener, and Koenick (under review) evaluated a campus peer education theater program that provides bystander education and found that after participation, students (N = 643) were less likely to adhere to rape myths and more likely to express a willingness to intervene with sexually assaultive behavior.
Warrener, "Applying Learning Theory to Musical Development: Piaget and beyond," Music Educators Journal 72 (Nov.
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RUGBY VELO Midweek 10-mile time trial at Princethorpe: Phil Clark 22-52, Richard Cheetham 22-56, Howard Warrener 24-42, D.
The warrener who had looked after this area was "a poor man with seven children" and now had no means of supporting his family.
Niedermayer's goal came after he cut behind the Calgary net, threw the puck in front and saw it go off the skate of Flames defenseman Rhett Warrener and past goalie Miikka Kiprusoff.
It is also amusing to have William Warrener, the painter of the three worst works in the exhibition, identified as the louche milord in Lautrec's lithograph, The Englishman at the Moulin Rouge.
Solander, an up-and-coming mage, is searching for magic that does not require sacrifice, and finds the Warrener Wraith who is impervious to magic.
The structure cannot hold or adjust, so in Caballero it dies tragically in the form of Don Santiago and Alvaro, and in its place rises capitalistic patriarchy in the form of McLane and Warrener.
He replaces STUART WARRENER, who was recently named managing director of Walt Disney Intl.
A quarter of a mile away from it, however, he kept a rabbit warren and there he designed, ostensibly for his warrener, a minute building which could claim to embody the fantasy, the religious preoccupations and the ingenuity of the Elizabethan age.