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one who provides a warrant or guarantee to another

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On the other hand, the Pre-Sale Availability Rule details the methods by which warrantors and sellers must provide warranty terms before a sale, the FTC adds.
Heywood's Pardoner boldly names the king as his warrantor and protector:
In addition, the identification of the names and addresses of all warrantors and the identification of the party or parties to whom the warranty is extended and whether it is extended to subsequent owners must be clearly stated.
Warrantors, such as manufacturing contractors who provide warranties on goods produced for their real property contracts, must remit ORST at 8% on the manufactured cost of repair parts, but not on the labour to repair or re-install the fixtures or equipment.
The focus on duration is useful because it more closely resembles the choices that warrantors actually make, and because these choices are not isomorphic to models where warranties are a payment which varies by amount rather than duration of coverage.
23] In comments issued together with the regulations the FTC explicitly rebutted claims of some industry representatives that warrantors ought, in advance of a dispute, be allowed to require consumers to resort to binding arbitration.
have historically been defined as warrantors of a legal system and instruments of central control over local peripheral areas in a type of rural society and a liberal state.
That, he said, was improper, because that kind of faith "overrides standards of analytical reason and scientific inquiry as warrantors of the validity of judgment.
As electronics products have become more complex, third-party warrantors, who long were strictly repair backup, have evolved into true partners with their retailers.
for the purposes of Paragraph 4 of Clause 2 of the Ordinance the long-term solvency rating of a bond issue (when there is no issue rating issuers or warrantors (guarantors) rating) by classification of at least one rating agency (Fitch-Ratings, Standard & Poors, Moodys Investors Service) shall be no lower than the sovereign credit rating of the Russian Federation in corresponding currency assigned by the respective rating agency downgraded by three notches or be at least ?