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one who provides a warrant or guarantee to another

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At the beginning of November, Warrantor got off the mark over hurdles in a maiden at Chepstow.
Warrantor and Gavin Sheehan | |winning at Chepstow in November and jockey Jake Grennall (inset) DAVID DAVIES
Article 1-A: Loans granted to the licensed tourist projects or to those which got tourist rehabilitation or classification by the Tourism Ministry and are late in paying their financial obligations, are exempted of full overdue and un-payable fines by the time of re-tabulation in condition of ensuring collaterals and the ability of debtors or their warrantor to pay through the financial data.
Where the beneficiary of the guarantee or warranty proceeds against the guarantor or warrantor in the competent French courts, he will be able to apply for recognition of the German judgment, and it will no longer be possible to re-examine that judgment as to the merits.
It is a complex substance and the warrantor of our memory and identity" (Bonesio 105).
This cannot be a true case of suretyship, since a warrantor under the AIAOD has no choice in taking on the obligation, whereas consent is an essential aspect of suretyship, which is by definition a contract.
It seems, though, that a simple delegation of human confidence would foreground the "fideistic" dimension of reasoning, even with the concession that any acknowledgement of Absolute Being as definitive warrantor of rationality involves the freedom of choice.
11) Moreover, a failure to establish privity between the recipient and warrantor can be fatal to a breach of warranty cause of action.
6) In the developed countries law texts are the foundation of socio-economical and political order, "the visible hand of law" is the key warrantor of liberal democracy and an indispensible instrument of reforms.
Heywood's Pardoner boldly names the king as his warrantor and protector:
33) The bank that receives the electronic image of a check, prints the check out, and transfers, presents, or returns the newly created substitute check becomes the first warrantor.
4) The taxpayer did not provide onsite warranty service with its own employees; such warranties are purchased by the taxpayer from an unrelated third-party warrantor, who provides all needed onsite service.
It used to be that maintenance contracts, where the service was the responsibility of the warrantor, were not subject to tax.
Ontario is the only province where the warrantor of goods initially sold subject to a provincial retail sales tax must pay that retail sales tax on any parts and third-party labour consumed or used in providing the services required under the warranty obligation.