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The sources said that French warplanes bombed, at dawn today, terrorists' positions in the Timsak area 30 km west of Kirkuk, Riyadh area 45 km west of Kirkuk and Hawija, destroying three Hummer vehicles and gathering of militants inside the garage of Hawija hospital building.
In May last year a pilot was killed when a warplane crashed in Al-Khamseen street, south of Sana'a.
warplanes and surveillance drones continue to hover in Gaza skies at low
The statement said that Israeli warplanes snuck from the north of Al-Sheikh Mountain, flying at a low altitude and below radars, heading to Jamraya in Damascus Countryside where a branch of a scientific research center is located and bombarded the location before sneaking away.
We are glad to finally introduce the latter of the big trio," said World of Warplanes producer Anton Sitnikau.
Serb officials charged that NATO warplanes bombed two columns of Albanian refugees, killing 64.
A Syrian military spokesman confirmed on Sunday that Turkey's armed forces shot down a Syrian warplane near the border, calling the act a "blatant aggression.
Israeli warplanes shelled empty lands near the (Martyrs' Intersection) south of Gaza city.
Otherwise how would we explain the fact that the warplane flew twice, albeit short, over the Syrian airspace.
Clark, on Monday asked the Pentagon to contribute about 300 more warplanes to the fight against Yugoslavia, in what would make possible a rapid and strident expansion of NATO's attacks.
Russia is ongoing its operations in Syria with strategic bombardment warplane Tu-22 and air jets, taking off from Syria airbase.
Media outlets of the world, supporting either Russian or Turkish interests, have laid claim as to whether the downing the of a Russian warplane was justifiable or not; yet none have mentioned that neither state is serious in fighting ISIS and ending their barbaric actions.
NNA - An Israeli reconnaissance warplane violated the Lebanese airspace on Friday at 6;15 and executed circular maneuvers over Riyak, Baalbek and Hermel, then left at 17;35 towards the occupied territories, the Army directorate said.
Bulgaria and its allies in NATO and the EU are interested in fast de-escalation of the tensions resulting from the downing of a Russian warplane by Turkish Air Force, the government in Sofia said on Wednesday.
The spokesperson of Ansaruallah, Dhayf Allah Al Shami, confirmed that Houthi forces took down the Moroccan F_16 warplane last night in the area of Akwan, outside the province of Saada.