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a device that signals the occurrence of some undesirable event

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A smart combination of software and hardware removes the need for time-consuming inspection and test of each individual warning device by intelligently reading the sound output of the horn or the light emitted by the strobe to check it is working properly.
The Child Restraint Warning Device is instrumental in preventing potentially fatal accidents stemming from children suffocating in hot vehicles.
These included commencing escort operations into the UAE further off shore, and exploring the use of different warning devices.
A CALL was made today for mobility scooters to be fitted with warning devices.
The second part of the system is a lane departure warning device - which we've already seen fitted to several production cars.
R&M says the PAV allows Yale closures to meet the ASME code requirement of an external, visible pressure warning device.
Furthermore, his equipment was faulty, with a transponder either switched off or not working that would otherwise have sent a signal to the passenger jet and activated a collision warning device.
It appears from the facts of the accident near Rochester that CSX had failed to repair a crossing warning device and was required to flag the crossing.
When RedBat finds a suspicious cluster of symptoms, it automatically generates flags as a warning device.
The road safety specialist wants to see every existing bike fitted with a warning device such as a bell and to see cycles carry lights.
22 to have severed wiring in its radar warning device at the company's Komaki Minami Works in Toyoyama, Aichi Prefecture, the officials said.
According to the agency, the wire is part of the plane's radar warning device.
THE intruder who set off an explosive warning device at the US Embassy in Kabul was tracked down yesterday.
A WANDERING cat set off an explosive warning device protecting the grounds of the US Embassy in the Afghan capital.
Instead of using such systems as simply a warning device to protect their illegal activity, some criminals, terrorists, and other antisocial individuals may use these systems to manipulate law enforcement.