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a bell used to sound an alarm


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New Delhi: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) just scraped through to victory in Gujarat, helped largely by the extensive campaign of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his home state, but the party's lowest tally in the last 22 years can be seen as a warning bell ahead of crucial state battles in 2018 and the next Lok Sabha election, in 2019.
Summary: The news that Lebanon's handling of its oil and gas exploration requires serious action to prevent disarray and further delays represents the sounding of a serious warning bell.
According to a leading cotton trader, during last two months the Indian textile mills had received record cotton yarn export orders, which was a warning bell for Pakistan exports of cotton yarn.
Cyclists rarely possess a warning bell and they do not pay road tax or third-party liability insurance.
We've all heard about damage to the reef over the years, but that 50 per cent figure, I think, rang a warning bell loud and clear for many people," The Telegraph quoted Burke, as saying.
BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: Ahrar Bloc MP Udai Awad said today that "Basra demonstrations for the lack of electricity is a warning bell to the parliament and the government", stressing that "the demonstration is a right guaranteed by the constitution".
Lacking time to ring the warning bell, he set fire to the newly harvested rice instead, bringing the villagers running up the hill before the wave struck.
Mary Marsh of the RSPCA said: "Maltreatment of animals in a family can sound a warning bell that children are at risk.
It's time to ring the warning bell," DG and CEO Giovanni Bisignani told the FAA International Safety Forum yesterday Nov.
Options include stainless steel or epoxy finish, electric photo eyes, soft or hard lip extensions, warning bell and flashing lights.
The warning bell typically--and frequently--sounds because the process of buying new hardware, IT infrastructure components, and other toys makes CRM vice presidents a bit punch drunk.
Simultaneously, the engine fire warning bell blared with the illumination of the #2 fire warning light.
It has been a huge expenditure and a huge effort," said Smith, who added that the implementation had rung a warning bell.
I will savour the local produce and culture and sound a warning bell against a too-quick embrace of schemes for dams and development.
Police said Tsuboshima began to cross the tracks in the city after the warning bell started sounding and that the barriers came down on both sides of the crossing while he was still trying to cross.