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Synonyms for warning

Synonyms for warning

advice to beware, as of a person or thing

an instance that warns or discourages prospective imitators

a signal that warns of imminent danger

Synonyms for warning

cautionary advice about something imminent (especially imminent danger or other unpleasantness)

notification of something, usually in advance

serving to warn

References in classic literature ?
John Street; her booty made at the fire, and again at Harwich, all give us excellent warnings in such cases to be more present to ourselves in sudden surprises of every sort.
US citizens of Iranian origin should consider the risk of being targeted by authorities before planning travel to Iran," the new warning said.
77 countries/jurisdictions have finalized picture warning requirements, an increase from the 55 that had been implemented by the end of 2012.
Almost half of the world's population is covered by the 77 countries/jurisdictions that have finalized picture warning requirements.
Minimizing a warning's prominence: In order to be effective, a warning must be attention-grabbing.
Imperial County Fire Chief Tony Rouhotas spearheaded the effort to bring the next generation of earthquake early warning to Imperial County.
Saturday: Light snow expected in the early morning with a yellow "be aware" warning issued for the whole day.
A study by University of Pennsylvania this week showed that graphic warning labels improve smokers' recall of the warning and health risks associated with smoking.
The Senate passed Senate Bill 86, which would require the state to give employers a warning if they violate a labor law, as long as the company doesn't intend to cause harm or if the violation poses a threat to public safety.
Shulsky classifies warning intelligence under current intelligence, but within the specific framework of indications and warnings.
RESEARCH by accountancy firm Ernst & Young has revealed a rise in the number of profit warnings affecting the North West's quoted companies.
The highest warning sectors nationally were software and computer services with 14 warnings' support services with 11 warnings' general retailers with nine warnings' technology hardware and equipment with seven warnings and food producers with four warnings.
They and industry advocates say different warnings in every state hurt business and confuse consumers.
Central government computers have been the most popular target, but corporations and individuals are also at risk, according to a warning from the British National Infrastructure Security Coordination Center (NISCC).
For instance, not all retailers are warning, despite weak demand.