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a long-handled covered pan holding live coals to warm a bed

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The warming pan story, says James Hamilton in his fast-paced biography, Gainsborough: A Portrait, is almost certainly a myth.
And he adds that the buyer should be aware of trends: `` Brassware is down, for example an antique warming pan would fetch pounds 200 in 1970, now it would be around pounds 40.
The family frog has been sitting in a warming pan for a long time.
Though the canard that he was not a royal prince at all and had been smuggled into Mary of Modena's bed in St James's Palace in a warming pan had not been forgotten, he was a potential successor to Princess Anne, his aunt, and he might well turn Protestant to regain a throne.
It's like a cold copper warming pan, I find myself thinking.
Then you discover that a copper warming pan now costs a week's wages.
Most popular, perhaps, was the insistence that this interloper had been surreptitiously introduced into the birthroom in a warming pan, and the warming pan (itself an image of a surrogate womb) became the material object that gave the controversy its name: James Edward Stuart was "the warming pan baby.
Copper warming pan, pierced and floral cover, long turned wooden handle, 19th century: $220.
After cooking and during transport, food sat either in warming pans or at ambient temperature for up to 8 hours.
As for the antiques shop, the trade had changed by the time the Tuffins moved, accelerated by TV programmes like Going For a Song, which ironically diminished the chances of finding bargains, certainly not warming pans at PS1.
It was the 376 tub built by William Cooper Hunneman, who was born in Boston in 1769 and was apprenticed to Paul Revere before establishing himself as a supplier of copper items, such as warming pans and kettles.
Born in Malden, Massachusetts, Dexter made a fortune through unusual business deals that included buying up apparently worthless Continental currency (later redeemed), selling warming pans in the West Indies, and trading in whalebone.
We have famous for He exported warming pans to the West Indies where they were sold as ladles; stray cats to Caribbean islands to combat rats; and he sold whalebone, that he had acquired by mistake, to corset manufacturers.