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Synonyms for warming

warm weather following a freeze

imparting heat

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producing the sensation of heat when applied to the body


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HotDog warming utilizes patented ThermAssure[TM] conductive fabric technology, originally designed for radar absorption by the aerospace industry.
There's overwhelming scientific evidence to support the fact that global warming, causing the melting of the Arctic ice cap, will make the future of the resilient polar bear bleak.
Crabs and fish from the southern Bering Sea are moving northward [because they like] the warming waters," explains Jim Lovvorn, a scientist on the Healy.
This means that to limit future warming, actions would need to be taken soon to slow the buildup of greenhouse gases.
Among other things, the governor wants to take some of the power from the Air Resources Board and give it to a panel focused solely on the gases and emissions linked to global warming.
For one thing, a pronounced summertime warming in that state's interior doesn't seem to be correlated with changes in weather patterns that steer storm systems, says Matthew Sturm, a geophysicist at the U.
It's plain that global warming will have a major impact on human health, and that new threats will emerge.
Hansen and Nazarenko insist, despite their findings, that "anthropogenic greenhouse gases have been the main cause of recent global warming.
In general, dark particles increase warming by absorbing solar radiation reradiating it toward the earth.
They attempted to delegitimize public scientific discussion of this issue by having the President appoint a bipartisan "Blue Ribbon Commission" on global warming.
LOS ANGELES -- To shine the light on solutions to climate change and lend their star power to the problem of global warming, some of the world's biggest celebrities are choosing to arrive at the Academy Awards in 'green cars.
Rising sea levels, shrinking glaciers, an increase in severe weather, from hurricanes to heat waves--the effects of global warming are evident all around us.
SURE sign that it's silly season: The normally sensible Tony Blair and the normally reasonable Governator are teaming up to defeat global warming.
The condensation, or water that changed from vapor to a liquid, within the cloud produces warming that is critical to sustain the thunderstorm.