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She had honestly loved and respected the warm-hearted, quick-tempered old lady.
Nicholas cheerfully undertook the errand, and bidding his worthy uncle an affectionate farewell, which that warm-hearted old gentleman acknowledged by a growl, hastened away to execute his commission.
Macaulay never married, but, warm-hearted as he was, always lived largely in his affection for his sisters and for the children of one of them, Lady Trevelyan.
between thirty and forty - remarkable neither for beauty, nor wealth, nor brilliant accomplishments; nor any other thing that I ever heard of, except genuine good sense, unswerving integrity, active piety, warm-hearted benevolence, and a fund of cheerful spirits.
It was the talent in the napkin, and, for a warm-hearted man, Charles had conveyed very little joy.
The idea of sharing poverty and privation in company with the beloved object is, as we have before said, far from being disagreeable to a warm-hearted woman.
The warm-hearted, faithful old man acknowledged that he had written "mainly for the pleasure of writing to me.
For the few first hours, the cares of the honest and warm-hearted girl were confined to the simple offices of satisfying the often-repeated demands which her younger associates made on her time and patience, under the pretences of hunger, thirst, and all the other ceaseless wants of captious and inconsiderate childhood.
But that first doubtful tottering moment passed, he seemed to gather strength with his gathering excitement; and the next day, when he was seated at table with his creditors, his eye kindling and his cheek flushed with the consciousness that he was about to make an honorable figure once more, he looked more like the proud, confident, warm-hearted, and warm-tempered Tulliver of old times than might have seemed possible to any one who had met him a week before, riding along as had been his wont for the last four years since the sense of failure and debt had been upon him,--with his head hanging down, casting brief, unwilling looks on those who forced themselves on his notice.
Barry Rees wrote: "One of the kindest, warm-hearted souls I've ever met.
It's a gentle and warm-hearted film, and its biggest strength is its pithy examination of how us Brits are regarded by our European cousins.
The fourth sleepout, held at Middlesbrough College in November last year, saw 160 warm-hearted Teessiders raise PS20,000, meaning the four events have smashed through the PS65,000-mark.
40pm) Warm-hearted transplant specialist Mo (Chizzy Akudolu, left) wants to keep her family secret from Adele, but it's proving tricky.
The warm-hearted show is fully staged and costumed, and comes with dazzling special effects that are no humbug.
Programme producers Acme Films want people who own a restaurant to get in touch to give our curry-loving nation a bumper serving of the realities behind the scenes and provide a warm-hearted look at those who work around the clock for their hungry customers.