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Such warm-hearted, friendly hosts will be crucial for making the Games a success.
These warm-hearted touches make any building more attractive.
As always, Cox is cheerful, warm-hearted, youthfully eager to learn and exchange perspectives; his students must have eaten him up.
Women, after all, are the warm-hearted sex that speaks freely of emotional pain, and sheds tears in public forums.
In bemoaning the lack of "responsible, liberal reflexes" in today's teen movies, she takes aim at Bring It On, Legally Blonde, and a token brunette movie, She's All That--a trio of warm-hearted, if featherweight flicks.
Wonderfully warm-hearted, it's got more laughs than Bend It Like Beckham and East Is East put together.
Who could have imagined that a nearly four-hour comedy-drama about a warm-hearted drag queen's creation of a surrogate family would run three years on Broadway?
BEST KNOWN FOR:His role as warm-hearted, laddish Adam Williams in ITV's Cold Feet.
Sir,-I understand from fellow Christians that there is an objection from the market police at the Bull Ring Centre concerning a small singing gospel group, comprising of four warm-hearted individuals who gather together on a Saturday afternoon to give praise to their God, through gentle songs and musical accompaniment.
The warm-hearted essay by pastor Noble gives useful details on Rawlyk's life and personality.
The willingness of an individual to embrace death for the sake of the one immutable truth is a concept that can be bewildering in an era when truth is viewed as contestable and, as far as religion is concerned, a warm-hearted ecumenism has relativized and downplayed differences of belief.
This warm-hearted family drama is watched by 25 million viewers in America, which can't be bad for the career of Irish actress Roma Downey.
Melrose Place started out as a very warm-hearted, even progressive-minded series about a bunch of young singles negotiating the job and relationship world,
When I finally met him 15 years after first reading Implementation, he was everything I'd imagined: feisty, provocative, and warm-hearted.
NEW YORK -- This Fall, warm-hearted New Yorkers planning to adopt a pet have everything they need to expand their brood.