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the front of an advancing mass of warmer air

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It concluded that two thirds of the cash (about pounds 100m) ploughed into the Warm Front project each year was being spent improving homes in which households could afford the improvement works themselves.
Sharp said: "When we came to market in 2007, we had 75%-80% of the business based on Warm Front.
Terry Booth, from Powergen Warm Front in West Yorkshire, said: "We're pleased that we're going to be able to help more families in West Yorkshire keep warm this winter.
Jim, 71, said: "We were finally able to get someone from Warm Front out and they condemned the boiler, saying we'd need a new one but that wouldn't be possible until June as they needed to check if there was any money left.
Terry Booth, of PowerGen Warm Front in West Yorkshire, said: "These grants are available to make sure that no-one is left cold and miserable in the winter months and we would urge anyone who thinks they may be entitled to a grant to give us a call now and have the work done for next winter.
A Green Deal proposed by the Government to replace Warm Front could see an end to free grants and a switch to loans.
Funding for Warm Front, which provides insulation for elderly people's homes, will drop from the current pounds 345m to pounds 110m in 2011/2 and pounds 100m the year after.
For many, Warm Front is an excellent money-saver that keeps them cosy.
Liam met with Mr Gul Nawaz, committee member of Ward End Asian Elders, and Ravi Kumar, of Eaga Plc, to announce that the Government's Warm Front scheme invested pounds 6 million helping 5,698 households in Hodge Hill
Figures show 681 homes in the borough have benefited from the government's Warm Front grants since they were introduced in April last year.
A MASSIVE shake-up, which could cost pounds 20m over the next two years, is on the cards at Warm Front company Eaga after the Government slashed its funding for the scheme.
The dramatic change in the energy efficiency and outsourced service provider's price came after a statement from the Department of Energy and Climate Change, released after the Government's Spending Review, discussed materially lower funding levels for the Warm Front fuel poverty scheme which eaga manages in 2011-12 and 2012-13.
A cross-party committee of MPs criticised the Warm Front programme handing out grants to improve homes.
Selly Oak MP Lynne Jones said now is the time to put in applications for the Warm Front scheme.
Some 101 residents in Warwick and Leamington have received a government Warm Front grant to improve heating and insulation, sharing pounds 76,378 since April 2003.