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military leader

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supreme military leader exercising civil power in a region especially one accountable to nobody when the central government is weak

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If warlords would control the society then there would be nothing left and warlordism in different shapes is trying to overwhelm the political landscape of Pakistani society but people of Pakistan would resist any such action' Raza Rabbani said.
Warlordism and radical Islam plague the economically depressed countries of Sub-Saharan Africa Devolution and chaos becomes a normal state of affairs absent a strong centripetal force.
Likewise, he also attacks warlordism in general and Yuan Shikai [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (1859-1916) in particular, a matter of great urgency for Lin Shu, who correctly saw how dangerous the Beiyang [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] Army could become.
Pakistan's regional policy is purely driven by ground realities; in line with the international norms of diplomacy, Pakistan historically has acknowledged those stakeholders legitimate rulers who control the capital, Kabul while warlordism remains an integral and perpetual phenomenon.
Three main phenomena are attributed to the new wars: warlordism, child-soldiering, and refugee flows.
The prisoners urged the president to announce a general amnesty, order the release of incurable and elderly inmates, ensure swift dispensation of justice and bring to an end warlordism and mafia system in the country.
Tragically, the country continues to suffer from ethnic feuds, warlordism and state corruption.
The continuation of the system despite all its weaknesses is a guarantee of bringing an end to the culture of warlordism that had become prevalent in Afghanistan over the past three decades.
I would also caution against employing the phrase "military satrapies" to describe regional, decentralized warlordism.
According to her, insecurity in Afghanistan has been caused by warlordism , the narco-trade, groups that threaten the peace process, regional interference and crime; and the main threats to human security are identified as chronic and pervasive poverty and poor livelihoods, poor health and nutrition, massive population displacements, a degraded environment and distrust in dysfunctional state institutions.
Is it possible to envisage political alternatives to Taylor's warlordism (or that of warlords who might succeed him?
In eviscerating government institutions and changing the structure of Sudanese governance into a patronage marketplace, the NCP is posing a choice between authoritarian patrimonialism and warlordism.
Where warlordism after 1916 fragmented China and threw its society into disarray, the proven theories of Marxism-Leninism suggested that a strong vanguard communist party might be able to recover unity and forge such a movement.
Although warlordism is sometimes a necessary evil, a national government should eliminate the warlord as soon as possible.
If Afghanistan returns to warlordism, which is a plausible scenario, it would be because of the shortsighted policies of the United States that came to Afghanistan on the back (actually horseback) of Northern Alliance and created a government and army where the non-Pashtuns carry weight quite disproportional to their actual percentage in the population.