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He was a very warlike man, and the armies, being disgusted with the effeminacy of Alexander, of whom I have already spoken, killed him and elected Maximinus to the throne.
Yes," said Grandfather; "but there was a stern, warlike spirit in them from the beginning.
The introduction of firearms has rendered them more successful hunters, but at the same time, more formidable foes; some of them, incorrigibly savage and warlike in their nature, have found the expeditions of the fur traders grand objects of profitable adventure.
But here I was again mistaken; for Mehevi, in conducting his warlike operations, rather inclined to the Fabian than to the Bonapartean tactics, husbanding his resources and exposing his troops to no unnecessary hazards.
He became a prime favorite, cabinet counsellor, and active coadjutor of Tamaahmaah, attending him in all his excursions, whether of business or pleasure, and aiding in his warlike and ambitious enterprises.
A quiver made of the cougar skin, from which the tail of the animal depended, as a characteristic ornament, was slung at his back, and a shield of hides, quaintly emblazoned with another of his warlike deeds, was suspended from his neck by a thong of sinews.
The latter had put all the interrogatories his ingenuity and practice could suggest, concerning the state of the tribe of the Loups, their crops, their store of provisions for the ensuing winter, and their relations with their different warlike neighbours without extorting any answer, which, in the slightest degree, elucidated the cause of his finding a solitary warrior so far from his people.
His observation of Ellen was less marked, but notwithstanding the warlike and chastened expression of his eye, there was much of the homage, which man is made to pay to woman, even in the more cursory look he sometimes turned on her maturer and perhaps more animated beauty.
This includes such eyebrow-raising undertakings as "How to Make a Shrunken Head" (a methodology practiced by certain warlike and tribal peoples in human history), "How to Make Condoms" (the use of which is absolutely not guaranteed to prevent pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections),"How to Pump Your Own Stomach" and more.
A dark plot unfolds as Durian and his friends discover ties of the wanderer to the warlike barbarian kingdom far to the north.
Formed in 1971 and now boasting over 1,200 members in the UK and a further 300 abroad, The Vikings place an equal emphasis on the daily life of the period and the warlike behaviour their namesakes have come to be known for.
CAMERON AND MILLIBAND LIVE: THE BATTLE FOR NUMBER 10 (C4, 9pm) WHEN they came up with the warlike title for this programme, they must have had Richard III's reburial this morning on their mind.
CAMERON AND MILIBAND LIVE: THE BATT ATT A LE FOR NUMBER 10 (C4, 9pm) WHEN they came up with the warlike title for this programme, they must have had Richard III's reburial this morning on their mind.
Longley's stating Invoice for Taxes -- viewed the town's warlike stores and found to answer the requirement of ye law.
com)-- Included in this book is a large collection of legends containing: The White Faced Bear, When the World was Young, Chipmunk and Bear, Why the Mountain Lion is Long and Lean, The Girl Who Climbed to the Sky, The Trickster's Great fall and his Revenge, Story of the Wildcat Clan, Run, Rabbit, Run, Dance In A Buffalo Skull, Manstin The Rabbit, The Warlike Seven and many, many more.