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in a wary manner


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This done, their mock fury sank into a calm, and the chief, approaching the captain, who had remained warily drawn up, though informed of the pacific nature of the maneuver, extended to him the hand of friendship.
As I backed along the ledge I soon was past the mouth of the cave, where I no longer could see those fearful flaming eyes, but an instant later I caught sight of the fiendish face of a Sagoth as it warily advanced beyond the cliff's turn on the far side of the cave's mouth.
Along this he passed; but now he went warily, for Tarzan of the Apes was learning.
Warily the party advanced again behind these new guides; but when they reached the spot they sought, the cause of the Dyaks' panic had fled, warned, doubtless, by their trained ears of the approach of an enemy.
Jimmie waited a long time in the street and then crept warily up through the building.
Here an accident happened of a very extraordinary kind; one indeed of those strange chances whence very good and grave men have concluded that Providence often interposes in the discovery of the most secret villany, in order to caution men from quitting the paths of honesty, however warily they tread in those of vice.
But Tom looked round warily as he walked to the closet; then he stepped into the narrow space, and almost closed the door.
You don't spend ages staring at them warily before you go up them, as if they were the climbing wall at the sports centre when your harness is already chafing.
Speaking warily to media persons outside the accountability court after her indictment, Maryam said that the court should not waste the precious time of the nation, beside respective lawyers, Sharif family members, and others.
The new Ross County gaffer loves the Highland town but always felt Victoria Park was a venue to tread warily in as a player.
As a result, it is perhaps treading a little warily when it comes to the Leamaneigh Turbo at Stud British Bred Derby starting at Towcester tonight and look beyond the obvious which include the aforementioned King Eden and his litter-brother, beaten into second last week, King Kid.
THAIS and tourists have headed warily into the main part of a big holiday weekend, as authorities hunted for suspects and a motive behind a series of blasts that struck resort towns across the south of the country.
WITH United States Admiral Harry Harris on Wednesday pitching for the US, India, Japan and Australia to initiate a quadrilateral security dialogue, China has responded warily to the move, warning that it " should not be targeted at a third party".
His visit is of great importance given the ongoing split between the US and its ally Turkey, which warily eyes deepening cooperation between the Syrian-Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) and US administration.
I ALWAYS tread warily where the Budget is concerned because my only knowledge of a household budget is that women spend 85 per cent of it, children 15 per cent, and men the rest.