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in a wary manner


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Then he changed his tactics, and fighting warily and with extreme dexterity, he tried to do by science what he was unable to do by brute strength.
They were moving slowly down wind, and warily because the advantage was with whatever beast might chance to be hunting ahead of them, where their scent-spoor was being borne by the light breeze.
As he warily moved about, he heard the gen- eral call out irritably: "Tompkins, go over an' see Taylor, an' tell him not t' be in such an all- fired hurry; tell him t' halt his brigade in th' edge of th' woods; tell him t' detach a reg'ment --say I think th' center 'll break if we don't help it out some; tell him t' hurry up.
Next, the old man would seat himself warily on a chair, and, never removing his eyes from his son, follow his every movement, as though seeking to gauge Petinka's state of mind.
Everything being put in battle array, the captain took the lead of his little band, and moved on slowly and warily.
She was very cautious, quite on her guard; she did not absolutely bargain, but she warily sounded me to find out what my expectations might be; and when she could not get me to name a sum, she reasoned and reasoned with a fluent yet quiet circumlocution of speech, and at last nailed me down to five hundred francs per annum--not too much, but I agreed.
As a hound grips a wild boar or lion in flank or buttock when he gives him chase, and watches warily for his wheeling, even so did Hector follow close upon the Achaeans, ever killing the hindmost as they rushed panic-stricken onwards.
We warily crept along this, steadying ourselves by the naked roots of the shrubs that clung to every fissure.
His tall stature, and his erect posture, enabled him to see much farther than those who were seated in the bottom of the canoe; and he turned his head warily in every direction, frequently bending his body forward, and straining his vision, as if desirous of penetrating the water that surrounded their boundary of light.
Cannon warily descended the tree, gathered up his gun, and made the best of his way back to the camp, without venturing to look after his buffalo meat.
He took from his pocket, while he stood on the portico, a card upon which, under his name, he had written the words "San Francisco," and while he presented it he looked warily at his interlocutor.
She rose and moved away from the table, inviting by a sign the other to follow her; which he did at once, yet slowly and as it were warily.
He was about forty years old; he had a black moustache and he seemed to look at the world over some counter-like expanse on which he invited it all warily and pleasantly to put down first its idea of the terms of a transaction.
He roamed, slowly, warily, but all restlessly, he himself did - Mrs.
Meanwhile, during most of the time that Mimi Salton had been moving warily along in the gloom, she was in reality being followed by Lady Arabella, who had caught sight of her leaving the house and had never again lost touch with her.