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Synonyms for warhorse

a work of art (composition or drama) that is part of the standard repertory but has become hackneyed from much repetition

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an experienced person who has been through many battles

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Making the most of the CryEngine, Warhorse has realised a world which feels absolutely tangible.
Helix Core streamlines the process of working with the games large digital files by feeding them into Warhorse Studios continuous integration pipeline, while simultaneously supporting the companys Agile development approach.
The Pitmen Poets features ex-Lindisfarne and Jack The Lad singer and writer Billy Mitchell, songman from London's West End musical Warhorse, Bob Fox, leading exponent of Tyneside song Benny Graham and BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards nominee songwriter Jez Lowe.
A clearly relieved William Hill made both Champagne Fever and Western Warhorse 12-1 shots for the 2015 Queen Mother Champion Chase.
It was after filming Warhorse that his second eye began to deteriorate.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-February 9, 2012-Crytek and Warhorse Studios close licensing deal for all-in-one game development solution CryENGINE3(C)1994-2012 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
The Duchess of Cambridge sheltered from the rain at the Warhorse premiere beneath a clear plastic dome-shaped umbrella, gallantly carried by husband Will.
LIVERPOOL warhorse Jamie Carragher has hailed the arrival of King Kenny - but says the players and not sacked Roy Hodgson are to blame for their plight.
The first, the poem "Fallen Soldier," honors the memory of two Soldiers who were killed within days of arriving at Forward Operating Base Warhorse, Iraq, in 2008.
All in all, this warhorse emerged wiith very few battle scars.
Ergo, a goodly portion of programming and performance energy has to be given over to credibly and competitively slogging through the basic warhorse items of the repertoire.
She begins here with a general discussion of converting consumers, then presents three case studies on the interchangeability of muscle and motor power, the iron warhorse, and the jeepney in the Philippines.
I enjoyed reading Mike's article on the SW 1917 old warhorse in .
And if the old political warhorse once known as the Chingford Skinhead is worried, then the rest of us really should be afraid.
The cover artwork is killer, and if comparisons are needed, think about an earth ride on a well-hung warhorse.