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a workman who manages or works in a warehouse

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Like the risk warehouser, the intermediary originates hedging or financing products with client/customers.
These figures were adjusted to 90% and 95% respectively from 1995 onwards with the rejoining of IARW by the major warehouser AmeriCold Logistics.
Historically, when the business was simpler, the distributor was a warehouser and delivery company, doing a little bit of selling.
The anchor is American Cold Storage, a processor and warehouser of frozen-food items, which built a 80,000-square-foot facility and employs about 35 people, says Jim Holderread, director of the Warrick County Department of Economic Development.
Terry Sloat of The Annex, in Hayward, California, the largest coffee warehouser on the West Coast, points out that insurance and other costs are higher with the certification.
a warehouser and distributor in Des Plaines, Illinois, believes a reduction in the capital gains tax rate currently offers the most benefit to industry because it would "encourage investments in business rather than in tax shelters.
36 If, as Taft believed, the arrangement was designed to create a monopoly whose rents the parties shared, why was the warehouser complaining?
Your suppliers say you're growing so quickly that it's hard for them to carry on as both supplier, advertiser, and warehouser, and to keep up with all the changes that you've brought to retailing.
The trucker is responsible only when in control of the goods, likewise with the rail carrier, warehouser, shipowner and so on.
Banks are now in the position of having to take on risk in a LBO market where previously they've been able to benefit from very liquid markets that allowed large volumes of deals to be processed while the bank focused on serving the role of advisor, intermediary and temporary warehouser of risk,' said James E.
World Leading Warehouser and Logistics Service Provider Sees Smart Wi-Fi as Ideal for Improving Customer Responsiveness and Integrity of Electronic Communications within Harsh RF Environments
A DRUGS warehouser has been jailed after he was caught stashing more than pounds 210,000 of narcotics at his girlfriend's home.