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a workman who manages or works in a warehouse

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Despite Daymark's failure to pay all the carriers and warehousemen in full, Daymark continued to send invoices totaling $481,000 to Sara Lee requesting full reimbursement," the company said in its suit against Daymark.
TWO young warehousemen from Rugby are among the first to benefit from a new forklift truck driving training course.
Hays said forty of the jobs would be in a new warehouse at Aldridge with posts for warehousemen, drivers and junior grade management.
The standards would, for example, apply to assembly-line workers, machine operators, bakers, meatpackers, office cleaning crews and warehousemen, as well as nurses and physical therapists, grocery checkout clerks and people who make deliveries for the Postal Service, United Parcel Service and Federal Express.
In September 1943, a group of refrigerated warehousemen met in Chicago and passed a resolution to establish The Refrigeration Research Foundation (the "E" for education was added in 1995).
Customs Service has participated with carriers, importers, brokers, warehousemen and manufacturers to provide the highest level of security throughout the supply chain while continuing the free flow of international trade.
Without you performing the roles that you did as warehousemen and couriers the business would have floundered and it would never have achieved its aims.
We all owe a debt of thanks to Secretary Veneman, Hunt Shipman, and the program staff at FSA," Roberts continued, "who were willing to listen to the views of farmers, warehousemen, and traders of rice, and who were able to make the decision that the Department needs to reconsider how to achieve its goal of protecting the CCC from unnecessary losses while protecting farmers and the rice marketing system.
The cooler climate on this side of the bay is a better environment for storage and our Union Warehousemen handle the shipments quickly and more cost efficiently.
USRPA immediately made contact with USDA officials after June 20th to argue that the impact on rice warehousemen could be very severe, and that risk would be transferred back to the producer as the new crop is harvested in the coming weeks.
Established in 1911, ACWI was formed by a group of warehousemen to market their pooled warehousing service resources more effectively.
South Carolina tobacco growers and warehousemen take this opportunity to again voice our strong opposition to these regulations which are set to begin February 28th.
Ryder will manage the routing of restaurant equipment shipments to UFPC's members, customers, warehousemen and distributors throughout the 48 contiguous states through Ryder's state-of-the-art Transportation Management Center (TMC) located in Ft.
The three warehousemen, Phillip Mulder, Charles Buck and Leon Gibbons, are asserting their rights under the U.
We represent the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Chauffeurs, Warehousemen and Helpers and the employee benefit funds it sponsors in connection with the Kmart Corporation 1994 annual meeting.