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military quarters for dining and recreation for officers of a warship (except the captain)

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At 1530, the oncoming watch section relieves the watch and the off-going watch team heads to the wardroom for lunch.
Thursday in the O'Callahan Wardroom at the College of the Holy Cross, NROTC unit.
Sailors are saying they seldom see members of the wardroom in the workcenters; and commanding officers are shifting the branch and division-officer responsibilities to the CPOs, which further exacerbates the situation.
To celebrate, the four - Capt Ian Beaumont, Capt Steve Greenwood, Cmdr Graham Charlesworth and Lt-Cmdr Phil Dickinson - arranged a lunch at the base wardroom to reminisce about their schooldays.
which honors excellence in wardroom service aboard aircraft carriers.
Days out include a tour from the bridge to the gleaming engine room, taking in the State dining room where Her Majesty and the Royals used to tuck in - as well as the sun lounge, the wardroom and chief petty officer's mess.
John of Jerusalem, the Laurentian Branch of the Royal Heraldry Society of Canada, held its annual Christmas Dinner and Gift Collection Evening in the Wardroom of H.
While Robinson provides some historical framework to the ship's operations, the strength of the book is the insight it provides into the daily life of a destroyer wardroom during this extraordinary time.
He disappeared behind the wardroom curtain and then re-emerged pretending to do up his trousers, giving the impression that he had taken a photo of his genitalia.
One night on the voyage across the Pacific I sat in the wardroom drinking coffee with a lieutenant commander at one of the long tables covered with white linen.
If the officer is thrown from an airplane, and, after crashing through the wardroom roof, strikes the button, surely it was no act of his that sank the Bismarck.
On McFAUL, the 115 new hand-held computers will be distributed to chiefs and Sailors in work center supervisor positions; that's in addition to the 30 issued to the wardroom earlier this year.
Address : Wardroom Mess Ins Hansa Dabolim Goa-403801