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military quarters for dining and recreation for officers of a warship (except the captain)

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Besides the nights spent in the wardroom watching movies and playing the latest iteration of Halo (that will somehow make it back onto the ship after a passenger transfer to Guam or Hawaii) there is not a whole lot to do on the ship but eat, fly, study, workout in the smallest of gyms, and sleep.
We were a bunch of somewhat disgruntled officers who gathered around in our own wardroom a short time later.
To augment this document, the squadron split up into various briefing teams that presented each chapter to the wardroom to highlight the important sections, and establish squadron subject-matter experts (SMEs) on the pertinent sections.
Fortunately for my buddy and me, we only had to live with the ridicule of our wardroom
Commanding Officer Captain Richard Powell has given ship manager David Connelly and operations m a n a g e r J o e McEwan honorary membership of the wardroom, meaning they will always be welcome on Dauntless.
ANSWERS: 1 The Blue Danube; 2 The Bullet Train; 3 Anthony Blunt; 4 Mac[sz]u; 5 Evander Holyfield; 6 Popstars; 7 The Victoria Cross; 8 Atlas; 9 The Thar Desert; 10 Historically there was insufficient height for officers to stand up in the wardroom.
The 688 weapons shipping hatch is the primary access that all hands use, and the Trident stanchion and netting issues are located directly next to the officer's study, wardroom and CPO quarters.
After seeing Chambre Hardman's striking image, Cdr Clough wanted a copy to display in Ark Royal's wardroom, but there were none available to buy.
The couple were given a champagne reception in the wardroom before seeing the Type 42 destroyer's departure from Britannia Quay from its bridge.
He then toured the vessel, including the wardroom, bridge, engine control room and hospital, before attending a reception in the Queens Room.
He spent time in the brig, sick bay, chaplains' office, wardroom, enlisted mess, and smoking sponsors.
Have a drink in the Front Bar model led on a naval wardroom or the cosy Pump Bar before dinner in the Front Restaurant, the original Victorian dining room, or the more contemporary Sunshine Restaurant with its own conservatory.
Sailors are saying they seldom see members of the wardroom in the workcenters; and commanding officers are shifting the branch and division-officer responsibilities to the CPOs, which further exacerbates the situation.
To celebrate, the four - Capt Ian Beaumont, Capt Steve Greenwood, Cmdr Graham Charlesworth and Lt-Cmdr Phil Dickinson - arranged a lunch at the base wardroom to reminisce about their schooldays.
Days out include a tour from the bridge to the gleaming engine room, taking in the State dining room where Her Majesty and the Royals used to tuck in - as well as the sun lounge, the wardroom and chief petty officer's mess.