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Curiously, when she appeared in court - apparently just one of 75 arrests during a WSPU attempt to get Lancashire and Yorkshire clogs resounding on the floor of the House of Commons - the magistrate was most distressed to be told she was 17 (she was in fact only 16) and insisted on sending her home, much against her wishes, with money from the Poor Box and accompanied by an elderly wardress as chaperone
These characters, including Queen Latifah's lesbian wardress Mama Morton, John C.
Mrs Waddy came on the female convict transport Lady Rowena, reputedly as a wardress and settled in New South Wales.
Sefika, the wardress, is the major female character in the novel and she is endowed with an insatiable sexual appetite.
And running him pretty close in the worst thespian of the year contest is Helen Fraser as wardress Sylvia Hollamby, who is supposed to be the harsh face of authority.
When Constance Lyton complained that her shoes were too small the wardress 'seemed not to have heard what I said, did not look my way but shouted past me into the air, speaking in a loud voice, very rapidly.
The soldier driver, a brute of a fellow, belabored the poor beasts so savagely with the butt end of his whip that the wardress at the gate, indignant at the sight, asked hif he had no compassion for animals.