ward off

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avert, turn away, or repel

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LIFTING gentle hand weights is a great way to ward off flabby upper arms.
There are a number of effective treatments, and he added that limiting nicotine and alcohol consumption could help ward off the problem.
These nobles are superstitious, and demand a sacrifice by the army commander of what he loves best--his daughter Soraya--to help ward off the Hrum's attack.
Taking a cue from the loosely regulated supplement industry, respected companies like Tropicana, General Mills, and Sunsweet are making daring claims that their products can help consumers lose weight, feel energetic, and ward off wrinkles (see cover story).
But the tongue that jabs from the mouth of this Shingleback lizard (Tiliqua rugosa) is blue to ward off dangerous predators like snakes, birds, and bigger lizards.
Fukushima, a Japanese-American, escorts them on the streets of Brooklyn, New York, to ward off the verbal threats and violence directed against some Arab and Muslim communities in the U.
Just as the frightful aspect of both gargoyles and tzukubai once served an apotropaic function, in Gargoyles the parodic dialogue and action ward off conventional narrative.
Researchers suspect that ketones might ward off brain disorders that stem from malfunctions in how cells use carbohydrates (SN: 12/13/03, p.
The Michigan-born, London-accented Mad Kid isn't Jewish but has taken up Kabbalah, adopting the Hebrew name Esther, and wearing a red thread on her wrist to ward off the evil eye.
What to do: This study doesn't prove that crossword puzzles will ward off Alzheimer's disease.
Both the Black Death bacteria and HIV attack macrophages, the white blood cells that ward off diseases.
Many people obtain this vaccine to ward off the evils of the flu, while others either do not believe in it, or are allergic to eggs (used in making the injectable vaccine).
The chili-rich diet of Mexicans helps them ward off the meat-spoiling microbes that are prevalent in tropical climates.
SIMI VALLEY - All 21 of the temporary teachers at Simi Valley elementary schools got pink slips last week as the school district moved to ward off a $6 million deficit in its 2004-05 budget.