war paint

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adornment consisting of paint applied to the face and body of certain Amerindians before a battle

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full ceremonial regalia

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After War Paint opened in Chicago in summer 2 016, it became the most successful musical in Goodman history.
Position 2 - parades and everyday clothing - shirts and jackets type OJ and Air Force insignia on war paint.
But while the war paint is clearly very important most women don't take care of it.
Margo herself didn't need much help in the war paint department when she started out.
It's a chillout day - I'm in yoga pants and flip flops without full war paint - I didn't expect to have my crow's feet analysed.
Comedian Kathy Griffin is the latest celebrity to be caught in paparazzi photos without makeup, joining the ranks of Snooki, Kim Kardashian and others who were seen without their Hollywood war paint.
Goes on like war paint and covers a multitude of sins.
You wanted a chance to get a ride, And live the life you felt inside, Head held high with purest pride, War paint hides every pain defied.
It depicted an Aboriginal chief with war paint on his face and feathers coming out from the back of his head.
A deranged criminal with creepy facial scars and war paint arrives to spark a new wave of criminal chaos for one reason: because he wants to.
WHAT single mums need is not war paint and body piercings but lessons in how to grow up and be a credit to themselves and the society they live in.
Comanche War Paint, a nineyear- old dual handicap chase winner for Paul Nicholls, was sold to Fiona Needham for 28,000gns.
Then the camera would pan out into the night and there were the evil Indians in their war paint sitting on their horses waiting to attack.
Wearing red war paint around his eyes but vainly trying to convince us he's bleeding, the motormouth Cute is the definite leader of the trio.
Nicholls gained some compensation when he notched a near 12-1 double courtesy of Comanche War Paint and Twist Magic.