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the military forces of a nation

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Israeli-occupation war machines have often intruded on daily basis into Palestinian territories overlooking the northern and eastern borderline in the Strip and bulldozed lands amidst heavy firing targeting nearby Palestinian houses.
Please, British Army, don't bring your war machines into our town centres.
The nomadological war machine seeks to hold space--only to increase the desert of that space and not to saturate it with accretions of properties or possessions--but it has no similar insistence on holding on to its nomadic tribe, its community.
We also meet at a time when war machines are either engaged in conflict or being prepared for war; when global military expenditure was at an estimated $839 billion in 2001 and is rising alarmingly to Cold War heights and when over 30,000 nuclear warheads remain and 639 million small arms and light weapons are in circulation fuelling the 24 major armed conflicts we have in the world today.
Responding to the bursts of saturated color and exuberantly drawn war machines, insect gods, and sci-fi transports, Saul decided that the Chilean artist was the only person around who would understand his work.
First, it is not at all unusual for bands of civilians to get the full, thundering joyride treatment in Uncle Sam's war machines, a la the Greeneville's would-be charity golfers.
The player takes the role of shy youth Leo Stenbuck who pilots the colossal "mech" robot Jehuty to fight enemy war machines and complete a variety of objectives.
Huge war machines, polished to perfection during the preceding decades of relative peace, rolled onto the field.
Billowing clouds of war machines and violent explosions greedily swallow the glittering Mediterranean sun and blacken the brilliant Beirut sky.
Teams fight for control of energy sources to power their war machines, deployment points to get to the front lines quickly, and ultimately, four artifacts that are required to win each match.
The Palestinian News Agency (WAFA) reported that a number of Israeli war machines stormed into the Township at dawn today and searched a number of Palestinian households, arresting a young Palestinian citizen, without disclosing the reason behind the arrest operation.
EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE - Offering a glimpse of future war machines Thursday, defense officials showed off two robotic experimental aircraft being used to test technologies for an unmanned bomber.
These may still be war machines, but having been through a few battles, they're weary: "And Some Mornings I Didn't Want to Get Up at All," as the title of one work has it.
In addition, the depth of the artificial intelligence systems allows gamers to recycle the experience of field units into bigger, better and even more fierce war machines.
In the first of many well-conceived set pieces, Taymor stages Titus' initial entry into the Roman coliseum as a mud-splattered pageant of robotic soldiers driving motorcycles and war machines that could've leapt from the pages of Leonardo Da Vinci's notebooks.