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a simulation of a military operation intended to train military commanders or to demonstrate a situation or to test a proposed strategy

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The War Game on the Eastern seaboard was codenamed ENCORE (Eastern Naval Command Operational Readiness Exercise), while on the Western seaboard was codenamed Exercise Paschim Lehar.
The Naval Chief apprised the Chief Guest on the importance of war games in naval operational planning process and said that it is incumbent upon us to analyze its impact on future naval operations, develop responses and build capacity commensurate with the future needs.
KARACHI -- Shamsheer-e-Bahr-VI, Pakistan Navy biennial war games gets underway after the opening session held here.
The table-top war game creates a learning opportunity for the Strike Group staff in a 'non-graded, academic' environment, develops a staff's 'tactical DNA', and reinvigorates the critical warfare thinking process needed to succeed in a high- end sea control fight," said NWDC Operations Director Capt.
Iranian navy has dispatched a number of warships to international waters and has invited regional states to hold joint war games in the regional waters.
com)-- War games are very useful to determining strategy in markets where a few competitors play key roles, as the game's prediction power is very high in a variety of industries.
Addressing the opening of the Shamsheer-e-Behr war games aboard the PNS Jauhar, the PM said the Pakistani government considered no sacrifice too great for securing the ideals of freedom and prosperity for its people.
The war games, Gillani added, allow the military commanders to take real stock of new imperatives on ground and undertake critical review of old doctrines and tactics.
Iran has staged several war games in the past, including firing long-range Shahab-3 missiles, which it says have a range of 2,000 km (1,250 miles), putting Israel or U.
North Korea had interrupted travel between the demarcation line several times after the United States launched a military exercise with South Korea on March 9, a war game denounced by Pyongyang as a preparation for an invasion.
Motorola said the critical communications network has been used via a war game simulation as part of the Freedom and Security conference in Poland, with the system providing a secure radio network on the surface and underground.
That leaves thousands of federal, state and local officials who never get an opportunity to war game disaster-response scenarios at a national level.
The war game as a practical experience had to wait, as did many advances in military education, for the professionalism of the Germany army in the 19th century.
AT UNIFIED Quest 2006, the fourth major war game co-sponsored by U.
The most prescient, innovative, and accomplished of overlooked English-language movie masters, Watkins has directed twelve feature films of various running times, from the imploded forty-seven minutes of The War Game (1965) to the alternatively discursive and meditative fourteen-hour The Journey (1983-85)--both, not incidentally, antinuke films, Although Privilege (1966), his fake rockumentary starring Swinging London supermodel Jean Shrimpton, had a limited art-cinema release, television is Watkins's battleground.