war chest

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a fund accumulated to finance a war (or a political campaign)

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With exports spanning countries of Asia, Africa, Europe, North and South America and Oceania and CIS; Parijat and its international subsidiaries has quietly embarked on an international brand building strategy acquiring a war chest of trademarks in a formidable 45 countries worldwide and another 10 in the pipeline.
He insisted the full war chest for the election campaign, if all the small donations were taken into account, was around pounds 50,000.
That makes his one of the smallest war chests in the Senate--and puts Helms's resources at about one fifth of what he had during the comparable period in 1995, before his most recent run.
Derek Bonham, one of Lord Hanson's lieutenants, takes over with a war chest "north of 3bn [pounds sterling]" say analysts.
Contemporary critics and reformers of campaign financing practices use such words as frighten, intimidate, and overpower to describe the role of an incumbent's war chest.
Both have shrugged off Abbott's massive war chest, insisting they will have the money to compete and downplaying its importance in the race.
He said: "It is a war chest to fight competitors and see us through the challenging year ahead.
Her reported campaign war chest totaled $19,635, including $5,635 in contributions and $14,000 in personal loans.
A KEY player in recent takeover activity on the UK high street has lined up a pounds 1bn war chest for a major deal of its own.
Cllr Matchet said associations often had difficulty finding the last 10percent of the cost and the council could make up the shortfall through the war chest.
Ousted Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein may still have a war chest worth nearly pounds 20 billion deposited in foreign banks, according to a former Iraqi minister quoted in a London-based Arabic newspaper yesterday.
Also, the popularity of savings plans that invested in stocks, mainly through 401(k)s, gave the dot-corn companies a huge Wall-Street war chest to finance their projects.
THE motor company formed by former Reg Vardy executives has raised a pounds 25m war chest from a Stock Market flotation.
The bid is part of a pounds 4 million war chest being handed to Marketing Birmingham in an all out attempt to establish the city's name as a major venue for high profile conferences and big name televised sporting events.