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Synonyms for wanton

Synonyms for wanton

marked by an absence of conventional restraint in sexual behavior; sexually unrestrained

not required, necessary, or warranted by the circumstances of the case

an immoral or licentious person

a vulgar promiscuous woman who flouts propriety

Synonyms for wanton

lewd or lascivious woman

indulge in a carefree or voluptuous way of life

Related Words

spend wastefully

become extravagant

behave extremely cruelly and brutally

Related Words

occurring without motivation or provocation

Related Words

casual and unrestrained in sexual behavior

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There is no other way to describe these acts other than total and utter wanton vandalism.
The Wanton Bishop's singer, guitarist and harmonica player Nader Mansour told The Daily Star that a representative of Ralph Lauren asked permission to use the track, citing it as the inspiration behind the vintage-style video.
Robin Williams Penarth PETER COLLINS REPLIES: I didn't compare, as Mr Williams suggests, "the Vale's thousands of social tenants to the criminals who caused such wanton damage in London, Manchester, Salford and other cities.
WANTON VANDALISM: Hyrstmount Junior School where toughened glass windows in the roof (main) have all been damaged by vandals
There have been incidents in Ayresome Gardens where there has been some trees with the bark peeled off them - again pure, wanton vandalism.
But the domestic cat is just a wanton irresponsible killer, doing its best to destroy any balance.
The President said the two nations were fighting a common enemy and reiterated the resolve that the two governments will not be cowed down by such acts of wanton violence and will continue to fight extremism and terrorism till its elimination.
Starving people in the Third World would not understand such wanton waste and I certainly could not explain or justify it to them.
We need to keep the ability to impeach at the ready in the event that this president continues to exercise a wanton approach toward the use of power, particularly the war power.
Personal injury lawyers searching for an example of wanton negligence have now found it.
They alleged willful and wanton conduct on the defendants' part in that, among other things, they failed to supply appropriate safety and protective equipment, failed to supply a spotter, failed to warn of the risk of spinal cord injury, and failed to stop the class from using the trampoline unsafely.
Germany: Come for the lager-induced Teutonic severity, stay for the wanton schnitzel-fed giggles.
At its zenith of Hollywood popularity, from the '40s to the early '60s, stars came here to let their hair down, often in depraved and wanton ways they could never get away with in Los Angeles.
He recounts the horrific stories of attacks made by the title's predators and he connects these tragedies with the larger tragedy of what man has done to the world he lives in through global warming, overpopulation, pandemics and war as well as his wanton destruction of anything that stands in his way.
Is it possible that some form of guidelines can be drawn up or, if they exist, be more rigorously applied to prevent the wanton destruction of this asset?