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Synonyms for wanting

Synonyms for wanting

not present

deficient in a usual or needed amount

lacking an essential element

not having a desirable element

not enough to meet a demand or requirement

Synonyms for wanting


Related Words

inadequate in amount or degree

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WANTING THE JOB: "When I announced my candidacy in December 1974, America was in turmoil, and many nations were in danger of losing their freedom.
It is part of the initiation into a life of wanting that can never be sated, of material desires that will never be satisfied, of slaving to buy and to have, of a life predicated upon unhappiness and discontent.
The PFS group tended to disagree with these statements, suggesting they did not view them as significant accreditation benefits; the group wanting PFS accreditation tended to agree with the statements.
The company sells Glocalnet-branded telecom services directly to end-users as well as turnkey solutions to large consumer corporations wanting own-brand telecommunications and Internet services.
Like Bruner and many others wanting to break into advertising, Fischer, 21, said that before he came up with the idea to wear a company logo on his face, he was simply trying to find a unique approach to marketing.
Holyfield wanting to unify the heavyweight division and finish off his career could be a big factor.
To qualify, the candidates have to demonstrate they are taking a new direction in their lives and are not just wanting to take off one tattoo to put on another or prevent authorities from identifying them.
As far as wanting to come back, who wants to go through this again?
With only one season of eligibility remaining, the list of schools wanting Rhodes was limited.