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a public announcement by a law enforcement agency that they desire to question or arrest some person

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On her wanted poster, she is described as speaking English and Farsi.
On Twitter Longford Police wrote: "Man who posted his own wanted poster online is now in custody.
POSTER LAYOUT & WRITING We begin the project by immersing ourselves in images of replica wanted posters from the 1800s and samples of previous student work.
Quant is one of 10 fugitives whose photo and wanted poster are featured on the Oregon U.
The photograph of him used to make the wanted poster originally appeared on posters for his 2004 general-election campaign.
The idea is to describe a character using the framework and then complete the wanted poster and add a picture.
Officers responsible for producing the unusual wanted poster made it clear the British actor is not a suspect in any crimes.
WINCHENDON - A Most Wanted poster was reissued this week after information led detectives to believe Michael T.
n DO YOU KNOW THESE PEOPLE The remaining 10 out of 24 suspects pictured on a wanted poster by West Yorkshire Police investigating violence at the Leeds v Cardiff match on January 15 and the Leeds v West Ham match the following month
Harry looks at a wanted poster of Sirius Black but, in one shot, the number on the poster is 390 and the second it is 007.
At first TIE thought it was looking at a World Bank "dead or alive" wanted poster.
According to a wanted poster, the film's "hero," Effingham Bellwether, stands accused of a multitude of transgressions:
Although Ligon has not acknowledged this influence, one can trace back to Charles White - in particular his portfolio collection of drawings know as the Wanted Poster Series, published by the Heritage Gallery in Los Angeles in 1970 - a direct antecedent for To Disembark.
A TERROR suspect has been arrested in Germany after three Syrians recognised him from a wanted poster and tied him up before calling the police.