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Synonyms for wane

Synonyms for wane

to become or cause to become less active or intense

the act or process of becoming less active or intense

Synonyms for wane

a gradual decline (in size or strength or power or number)


Related Words

become smaller

decrease in phase

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Having four English coaches in charge of the four semi-finalists is something I was really pleased about," said Wane.
Wane is a firm supporter of the decision to head south today, despite opposition from some supporters.
Wane feels vindicated after giving standoff George Williams his big break this season and he will again turn to the club's under-19s to plug the gaps caused by the loss of winger Joe Burgess to Sydney Roosters and the departure of loan players Jack Hughes (Warrington), Scott Taylor (Hull) and Iain Thornley (Hull KR).
I think in 12 months you'll see a possible full-back there," Wane said.
And Wane warned Wigan's rivals that the best is yet to come from the league leaders.
One aim of WANE under Dongotey-Padi is to organise and hold an All Africa Widows Alliance Conference by 2015, which African heads of state will be invited to attend and speak at.
He's got a lot to learn but I'm comfortable putting him in," said Wane.
Wane said: "I think it is more clumsy than anything else - there is definitely no malice there.
Furthermore, since wane is considered a defect in structural grading, the loss of load-bearing capacity is accounted for by assigning beams with large wanes to a lower strength class or even reject.
The enterprising Paul Doe had Funfair Wane smartly out of the stalls and set him alight so that he was soon clear in the sixfurlong dash.
They kept their former way of life however, hoping that the violence of the revolution might wane.
The optimizer edger removes defects along the length of the board, assessing the wane more precisely with computerized scanners before adjusting the cutting blades, says Melancon.
WIGAN coach Shaun Wane was delighted with his team's defensive efforts but believes they will need to improve their attacking play if they are to win next Saturday's Grand Final.
BEN FLOWER is ready to enter the cauldron of Langtree Park, says his Wigan coach Shaun Wane.