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Synonyms for wampum

something, such as coins or printed bills, used as a medium of exchange

Synonyms for wampum

small cylindrical beads made from polished shells and fashioned into strings or belts

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The dish with one spoon wampum belt, "is probably the most significant in terms of the Native people in this land," said Hill.
He has been studying and making wampum belts ever since.
At this time Johnson presented a wampum belt to the First Nations gathered to witness the alliance.
It is possible to swear on a wampum belt instead of a Bible" in court now, she said.
She grew up on the Six Nations Reserve in Upper Canada, taking her great-grandfather's name Tekahionwake or Double Wampum.
This helps build up our wampum for our individual tribes,'' said Terrie Auday, tally keeper of the Y-Guides.
In addition, CRH is in negotiations to acquire from CEMEX some or all of the following CEMEX assets in the United States: CEMEX's concrete pipe business; the company's materials and concrete products operations in the Pacific Northwest, Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, New Mexico and El Paso, Texas; the aggregates operations in Kentucky; CEMEX's cement plants in Wampum, Pennsylvania and Fairborn, Ohio; and, its gypsum wallboard distribution business in Florida.
In the background of the Hill Scuffle, a head taller than the other chiefs, Lake Huron Regional Chief Isadore Day could be spotted holding the replica of the 1764 Treaty of Niagara Covenant Chain wampum belt.
In June 1710, a delegation of Tuscarora Indians was dispatched from present day North Carolina to deliver a set of wampum belts to the Governor of Pennsylvania.
Commanda is keeper of three Wampum Belts of historic importance: the Seven Fires Prophecy Belt about choice, the 1701 Peace Belt about sharing, and the 1793 Jay Treaty Border Treaty Belt about borderlessness.
In a tribute to the Mohawk people who hosted the meeting, Coon Come began and ended his speech with a 'reference' to the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois Confederacy) concept of the Two-Row Wampum, where two ca noes sail side-by-side, separate but equal,' each in charge of his own canoe and not interfering with the other.
The Eastern Woodland Village exhibit offers live demonstrations of traditional 17th century wampum making and regalia crafting.
So our ancestors traveled to Longueil with wampum to represent the seven fires or nations and General James Murray signed it on Sept.
17 to 19, the Diabetes Wampum Belt was biked and walked into Walpole Island to bring diabetes awareness to the community.
He stated his understanding of the Two-Row Wampum and the covenant chain, saying the Two-Row signified two entities travelling side-by-side, equal arid moving in the same direction, but separate with each in control of its own affairs.