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Synonyms for wallpaper

a decorative paper for the walls of rooms

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cover with wallpaper


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4 In period properties, the walls and ceilings may not be level or straight, a problem that can be accentuated by patterned wallpaper.
How Linked Wallpaper works -- Linked Wallpaper works by linking accounts with a unique code that can be shared and entered by other users.
The new version of Wallpaper Updater was fully tested on Windows 10, also it includes installer and user interface enhancements.
Textured wallpaper was often used in the past to cover up less-than-perfect walls, so if you do decide to get rid of it, be prepared to do some replastering.
Kate, of Newcastle, launched her own boutique wallpaper brand after graduating from CCAD in 2009, thanks to a start-up scheme created by celebrity designer Wayne Hemingway and Gateshead Council.
Wallpaper is always a great way to inject colour, pattern and texture into a room but with a feature wall, you can really go to town on your wallpaper choice without it overpowering the room.
The lockscreen wallpaper, which seems to be the result of someone using the S Pen and going into a creative mode, carries a resolution of 1920 x 1920.
You can go bold with a feature wall, so try Orla Kiely's Classic Multi Stem wallpaper, available in several bright shades or even multi-coloured, for [euro]68.
Wallpaper is also a great way to add colour, pattern and texture (depending on the design) to a room, whether you're papering all the walls or just one feature wall.
I would suggest hiring a wallpaper stripper for a weekend.
International wallpaper champion offers wide range of solutions
In this revision of the 1992 catalog written to accompany an exhibition of London wallpapers at the RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) Heinz Gallery, the collection's curator provides a historical overview of the trade in hand-printed wallpaper in its heyday in London, taxation, paper-hanging techniques, and design.
That wallpaper has its poetry, in any case, was already clear enough to modernist painters like Matisse, Vuillard, and Bonnard, for whom its rhythmic patterns had at once a formal raison d'etre, functioning as an approximation of what Clement Greenberg would later call the "all-over picture," "tightly covered, evenly and heavily textured," which "tended--but only tended--to reduce the picture to a relatively undifferentiated surface," and a psychosocial one, since its "muffled contrasts" were also those of the claustral inferiority of the European bourgeois subject.
representative of Denmark-based Ferm Living, Coop finds easy, innovative ways to transform her home--from stairs to ceiling--with modern, colorful wallpaper.