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Synonyms for walloper

a very hard hitter

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a winner by a wide margin

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a gross untruth


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Asphalt Surfacing - Highway 97D Walloper to Logan Lake and East Shuswap Road (58.
Butler and Joseph Driscoll, Dock Walloper (New York: G.
As the nine-runner field was despatched, Hold The Line, making his debut, swerved slightly to his left, bumping Ivory Prince, who dived violently away, unseating Shane Kelly, and interfering with Quay Walloper, who also swerved and got rid of Paul Mulrennan.
Read all about swimming star Paulo Radmilovich, 'Muscular Muslim' Sheik Said Hassan, union and league sensation Gus Risman and, of course, the Wigan Walloper - Billy Boston, perhaps the greatest Welsh rugby export to go 'oop north'.
And stepping from centre of the ring to centre of attention, the Watford walloper thanked Geordies in person for their support as he partied at Tup Tup Palace nightclub.
to Cardeau Hill, and the Lac le Jeune Road Walloper Interchange to the Kamloops municipal boundary.
Nope, instead of forking out pounds 25 for a ticket at Parkhead - or a mere pounds 22 if I took the sudden notion to sit directly behind a metal pole like a proper walloper - I'll be watching the game free of charge while quaffing a cheeky wee vodka and coke.
You can just picture the scene: "Muckas, I call this meeting to order - haw you, Milne, stop dipping yur wig in his bottle o' Buckie, that's pure mingin', ya walloper.
Intimate endearments like "Ya mutton-faced doughball," "You ignorant walloper," or "Wid ye have a swatch at that coupon