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The two Wallies obviously took their marriage preparation program seriously.
Lime Tree won 9-5 in a high scoring match against Walsgrave (227-217) in which Doug Smith and Ryan Neale topped the poll with 21-12 triumphs leaving the trio of Bob Gilfillan, Tom Lawton and Paul Styles, all 21-15, to keep the Wallies in contention.
1 National Provincial Bank; 2 Parkside; 3 Coronation of King George V; 4 The Why Not; 5 Stainsby School; 6 Dancing down the stony road; 7 A child's view of Hemlington; 8 1999; 9 Joe Waltons (the Wallies Centre); 10 Emlyn Hughes.
Well, so far, he''s not turned up any Lord Lucans, but he''s had more than his fair share of Wallies.
Not the frontline officers, but the wallies at the top, namely Chief Constable Chris Sims and Assistant Constable Sharon Rowe who lost their bottle in times of need and stayed in their ivory tower and watched the city burn.
And those wallies in Westminster think we'll swallow their codswallop about S4C, the world's only Welsh language TV station, being safe in the BBC's mitts?
Dozens of web wallies logged on to the popular auction site this week in a race to grab themselves a crinkle-cut slice of the action.
The bridge bumps are another I-can't-believe-it's-not-skateproofed spot and Darrell led the charge with monster wallies, wallie 180s, stales and backside nollie 180s while cops just rolled by and waved.
York Wallcoverings--Contract Division WAI/Continuum Wallies Warfel Construction Co.
Then there's Quiltex infant bedding, Fun Time Designs and Tolly Tots furniture, Wallies wall decor, Zak Designs ceramics and Cargo Home framed art.
He should also be forced to take his wallies out when he is playing, that would sort the problem at a stroke.
And because no one bothered to read it before they started docking housing benefit like it was going out of fashion, the DWP (I'm assuming this stands for the Department for Wallies and Pillocks) may now have to pay them back.
Griff had seven winners against Walsgrave but defiant efforts from Paddy Hayes 21-8, Tom Lawton 21-11, Brian Thomas 21-14, Martyn Jones 21-14 and Ian Green 21-17 gave the Wallies victory by a solitary shot.
You know, the boarded-up places prodded over the economic precipice by a succession of political wallies of all colours, armed with miles of red tape, regulatory practices Stalin would've been proud of, bonkers duty hikes, and VAT increases to make your eyes water.
The police took off his handcuffs - and watched like wallies as he bolted.