wall hanging

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decoration that is hung (as a tapestry) on a wall or over a window

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67609927 Mrs Jane Bailey, of Moorlands Crescent, Outlane, presented this wall hanging to Outlane Infants' School.
The wall hanging will consist of individually made 4in by 4in patches stitched together.
The wall hanging has been donated to the community centre.
Christine, whose work has been nominated for a City & Guilds award, says her wall hanging was inspired by the fuchsias in her sister's garden.
In November of 2003 I finally, totally finished my wall hanging.
In an effort to create an expansive, unified wall hanging, students continue to form new words using brass, copper, or plastic-coated telephone wire.
Now the 16 women and 1 man meet in program director Bela Sejdic's home, and in their own homes, to produce altar cloths, liturgical stoles, and wall hangings.
The company, a manufacturer and distributor of wall hanging systems, has been active in this arena since 1964, and a manufacturer and distributor of hanging systems for over 20 years.
free landing - 1 piece; presentation pedestal - 1 piece, window wall hanging - 3 pieces.
A SERIES of visits from East Cleveland artist Lorna Moone inspired these youngsters from Bankfields School in Eston to design an "enchanted forest" wall hanging in March 1992.
They worked on a felting project with artist Sue Clay to create a wall hanging to commemorate Moor End Academy's 40th Anniversary.
They are working on a large wall hanging mat depicting the life, times and work of Turner, who was born in 1508 and who is already commemorated by the William Turner herb garden in the town's Carlisle Park.
One of my designs was put on the farm wall hanging.
A CERAMIC wall hanging, created by members of the public, is to be permanently displayed at the Birkenhead Priory.
She hooked a large wall hanging of the crest of Trinity College, which hung there for many years," Ms.