walking stick

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Synonyms for walking stick

a fairly long straight piece of solid material used especially as a support in walking

Synonyms for walking stick

a stick carried in the hand for support in walking

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In modern day society, the walking stick is also used for hiking.
So, if you are ever in need of a walking stick, get a Sotol.
He felt slightly less pressure on the walking stick.
Timothy Harris, 46, from Sage Close, Northampton, told benefit officials he could not leave home without a walking stick after a wall fell on him.
But on being released she grabbed her walking stick and began to strike out at the thieves.
A spokeswoman for TX Maxx said the walking sticks were artisan pieces and that its buyers were not aware of the concealed blades.
The store pulled the walking stick from sale last night after the hidden sword was discovered by a customer.
I walk round the course and if I can get my walking stick in four inches I would be describing that ground as whatever it would be on the day.
When things get bad she runs away into the forest and encounters an old lady stranded: her desire to help may bring her into danger through a wily old witch's plans in the engaging picturebook The Witch's Walking Stick.
His handcrafted walking stick attracted attention, and a single Estes Park retailer has since snowballed into a network of 2,500 stick-sellers across the country.
A Walsall company has developed a walking stick that cleans up dogs' mess - made from recycled crisp packets.
I am not advocating that the elderly regard the walking stick as a crutch.
If it is, he cuts it a few inches from the main trunk, and after trimming the branches, he has the rough material for a walking stick.
In fact the whole thing can double as a walking stick because the rest area also makes a comfortable hand grip.