walking stick

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Synonyms for walking stick

a fairly long straight piece of solid material used especially as a support in walking

Synonyms for walking stick

a stick carried in the hand for support in walking

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Jim's granddaughter Sophie added: "They disappeared for a bit and came back with a walking stick.
I have used my Sotol as a walking stick for almost three years now while bowhunting and find it very confidence building and comforting, particularly when traversing downhill, which of course means eventually you have to return uphill, which is a more tedious journey
Before making off one of the males hit the victim across the face with his walking stick, causing abrasions and bruising.
McEnery said the two men grappled for the walking stick.
The walking stick was recovered by forensic teams working at the cottage and is now being forensically examined along with other items.
I got back outside my home, paid fare, undid seat belt, tried to open taxi door in the dark, get house keys, put purse away, collect walking stick.
Timothy Harris, 46, from Sage Close, Northampton, told benefit officials he could not leave home without a walking stick after a wall fell on him.
TWO women burst into a 77-year-old woman's home in Swansea and forced her to hand over cash even though she bravely fought them with her walking stick, police said yesterday.
HIGH Street retailer TK Maxx was forced into a second embarrassing product withdrawal last night after a walking stick was found to conceal a 20-inch sword.
I walk round the course and if I can get my walking stick in four inches I would be describing that ground as whatever it would be on the day.
If a walking stick is in danger, it drops to the ground and lies still.
When things get bad she runs away into the forest and encounters an old lady stranded: her desire to help may bring her into danger through a wily old witch's plans in the engaging picturebook The Witch's Walking Stick.
I'm saying you must be sure that the doubts and questions are your own, not, so to speak, the mustache and walking stick that happen to be the fashion of the particular moment.
His handcrafted walking stick attracted attention, and a single Estes Park retailer has since snowballed into a network of 2,500 stick-sellers across the country.
A Walsall company has developed a walking stick that cleans up dogs' mess - made from recycled crisp packets.