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small portable radio link (receiver and transmitter)


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These walkie-talkie sets are of the same type used by international forces in Afghanistan, Samaa TV reports.
s flagship store in Ginza accidentally dropped a walkie-talkie from the eighth floor that fell and hit her on the head about 30 meters below, police revealed Friday.
It would appear that the walkie-talkie world has moved on somewhat from when I was 10 years old.
Ham radio operators often start by purchasing $150 walkie-talkies, then graduate to $500-$600 short wave radios for their homes, Sturdevant said.
Paul Ralph, defending, said: "They borrowed two walkie-talkies, having seen i t on t he Top Ge a r programme where they speak to each other between vehicles when filming.
I was even more surprised when I heard my walkie-talkie crackling and a muffled message coming through the other morning.
Also, walkie-talkies have a feature by which students can talk and have their question broadcast over the sound system in the class.
These radios are about as powerful as the walkie-talkies that emergency personnel carry.
A EUR100million Tetra system promised in 1999 to replace the 20-year-old walkie-talkies is still not in place.
The 2,000 guards were dressed in sky-blue leisure suits and jaunty caps, and carried only walkie-talkies.
The security guards are unarmed but carry walkie-talkies and are in constant contact with their base of operations, You might also catch a glimpse of them riding around town in their custom-painted Hummer.
The new products, which are manufactured by Motorola, are like walkie-talkies but smaller and less expensive.
Will they use hand signals, whistles, boat horns, walkie-talkies, cellular telephones, or a public address system?
Using a multimedia display and a live demonstration, "The Science of Wireless," will trace the evolution of wireless telephones from radio phones, CB radios and walkie-talkies, he said.
He added intelligence operatives had recovered three Kalashnikov assault rifles, a machine gun, two walkie-talkies, mines and explosives from the detainees.