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Synonyms for walk-up

an apartment in a building without an elevator

an apartment building without an elevator

a building with no elevator

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A five-story, mixed-use walk-up at 950 Columbus Avenue, between West 106th and 107th Streets on the Upper West Side, sold for $5.
Of the Continental Portfolio's 13 buildings, four are elevatored and the remaining nine are walk-ups.
It's been more of a success than we anticipated, especially with the amount of walk-ups.
We sold 12,800 season tickets at the start of the season and the walk-ups have been remarkable.
Kennita Taylor, an assistant at Five Points Shell, said most of the customers that come into Five Points Shell are walk-ups.
Walk-ups lead the way with 23 percent of property sales volume.
Walk-ups are also welcome and can pay a higher "walk-up" price at the trucks.
18 floors would feel rather OliteO in Hong Kong; however, in Macau, the Sofitel towers over the neighbouring walk-ups, presenting a sweeping view over downtown Macau on one side, and out over the entwining rivers of the harbour on the other.
Early registration is strongly recommended as walk-ups may or may not be available on event day.
Nationals Park is also open-air, meaning less walk-ups due to rainouts, rain delays, or the threat of bad weather.
s after that date, as well as walk-ups the day of the event.
First, I got him to realize that in his price range he was definitely not going to end up with a doorman, and finally I got him to consider walk-ups.
The weather helped, we had lots of walk-ups and advance bookings were strong.
Sells through referrals, walk-ups, media projection, website & phone-book.
Thomas Geissler, CEO of Ex Oriente Lux and inventor of the Gold To Go machines, says the majority of buyers will be walk-ups enamored by the novelty.