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Synonyms for walk-up

an apartment in a building without an elevator

an apartment building without an elevator

a building with no elevator

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Other types of exhibitors were more open/welcoming to walk-ups.
1-bedroom, 1-bathroom, 500 sf co-op in a prewar walk-up building; unit has hardwood floors, renovated kitchen with new appliances and updated bathroom; building has renovated lobby and hallway; maintenance $811 per month, 47 percent tax-deductible; asking price $349,000; 30 weeks on the market.
He estimates that between pre-registrants and walk-ups, about 200 attended.
We lived on a tree-lined street with a row of six-flat brick walk-ups.
Oh, sure, the siblings may claim to reside and work in New York City and Paris walk-ups, but if the music of their third flail-length is any reflection of their environment, this duo dwells someplace far more fantastic: a garden on the ocean floor or a glittering cave in darkest Iceland with decor by Salvador Dali.
The units will be walk-ups, close to the North Hollywood Metro Redline and Orange Line stations.
To the west is the old Bridgeport Homes, a ghost town of dirty brick walk-ups, cracked asphalt backyards and chained-link fences.
Ballpark tour tickets must be purchased in advance, no walk-ups will be accepted.
There were a lot of walk-ups, especially from local companies for the user sessions," he said.
In order to pull off the project, Meeks + Partners decided on housing types that included three story garden walk-ups, urban row houses, and live/work lofts to blend in seamlessly with the surrounding fabric.
When our fans realise there is an availability of tickets, they tend to wait until the day of the match and we get huge walk-ups for matches that are not sold out.
A good many of her interiors are tantamount to ecclesiastical decors, inflected as they are (and indeed as decors often were in East Village walk-ups, circa 1980) by idiosyncratic shrines, santos, votives, crucifixes, and other devotional artifacts bought cheap at neighborhood botanicas.
It is a good distance away from the theatres and art galleries of mid- town, a subway ride away from the city skyscrapers, and a long hike to the plush walk-ups of Greenwich Village.
Grim though the walk-ups might have been, the atmosphere of creative and artistic energy was exhilarating.
There, in one of the nondescript walk-ups, you'll find the rundown offices of Hastings Keith.