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Synonyms for walk-up

an apartment in a building without an elevator

an apartment building without an elevator

a building with no elevator

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1-bedroom, 1-bathroom, 450 sf co-op in a low-rise walk-up building; unit has windowed kitchen and hardwood floors; building has storage facilities and laundry; maintenance $849 per month, 49 percent tax-deductible; asking price $263,000; 28 weeks on the market.
The majority of the walk-up buildings on the market today are actually conversions, likely to have both original detail and new additions, such as custom kitchens and finished roof decks meant to attract buyers who don't mind a few flights of stairs.
We had 17,500 snapped up before and we will now try and sell out the other stands, with the exception of the Fantastic Media Lower which we will reserve for walk-ups.
With two days' sales remaining plus on-day walk-ups ahead of the 4pm kick off, it is possible that the best-of-the-season 27,930 who saw Wasps beat Midlands rivals Leicester will be matched.
Included are training drills to reinforce steadiness, honoring and dealing with diversions, as well as walk-ups, single and multiple marks and blind retrieves.
The discount will not be available for walk-ups in Memphis, and is not available to non-members.
He also dismissed suggestions poor ticket sales may have helped force the organisers' hands, saying: "Up to Wednesday, we'd sold more than 8,000 tickets and, with walk-ups, we only wanted 10,000 to 12,000 people anyway.
It's been more of a success than we anticipated, especially with the amount of walk-ups.
We sold 12,800 season tickets at the start of the season and the walk-ups have been remarkable.
Walk-ups lead the way with 23 percent of property sales volume.
18 floors would feel rather OliteO in Hong Kong; however, in Macau, the Sofitel towers over the neighbouring walk-ups, presenting a sweeping view over downtown Macau on one side, and out over the entwining rivers of the harbour on the other.
The project was Redman's way of recording grumpy observations about sixth-floor walk-ups, tedious coffee queues, awkward subway encounters, and drunken art openings--all elements of his current home, New York.
Early registration is strongly recommended as walk-ups may or may not be available on event day.
Nationals Park is also open-air, meaning less walk-ups due to rainouts, rain delays, or the threat of bad weather.
Art licensors were at two extremes, too: Veterans of the show know to set up licensee meetings in advance and don't expect much in the way of walk-ups, though consensus among those exhibitors was that traffic was light and being ghetto-ed was not helpful.