walk around

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  • verb

Synonyms for walk around

walk with no particular goal

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walk around something

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behave in a certain manner or have certain properties

walk randomly

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30pm enjoy a historic guided walk around Hurworth Place.
Kids can IM notes while using laptops to write reports at "standing desks" or walk around while teachers podcast lessons to them.
A WALK AROUND THE POND: Insects in and over the Water
Kian, 25, revealed: "I was in a Dutch nightclub with the lads a while ago and I decided it would be really funny to borrow a girl's high heels and walk around in them.
I'd walk around some cemetery looking for old porcelain photographs on the gravestones and then, holy shit, I'd find all these headstones busted in half, and when were these swastikas made?
You can take a walk around this Modernist shrine whose significance for us all is not just because it is a pure and stunning collection of planes but because, until its recent re-creation (it was taken down at the end of its exhibition year in 1929 and existed for the next seventy years only in the form of photographs and drawings) it was a virtual building.
Before you do, though, walk around the vehicle and look at the areas that were covered by tape in the paint booth.
What do your residents see when they walk around the facility?
Zeldes gets it dead-on, with the story of a man who enhances the size of his penis to the point where he says, "Sometimes, I walk around the hospital a bit, pushing my penis in front of me on a gurney, but mostly I spend my days in contemplation of my magnificent member.
Not only do the whiteboards come with remote controls so that instructors can freely walk around the room while lecturing, they also operate sans the strips of icons usually found on the side of the whiteboard while it is in use.
As we all walk around throughout our days thinking lofty thoughts, pondering the meaning of the universe, trying out this or that new therapy or healing practice, could it be that our answers are all around us, growing quietly through the grass in our lawns, humbly putting on leaves, beckoning with flowers, and waiting for us to take notice?
Walk around trying to scam free product instead of watching the vert finals.
Or, if a resident wants to go outside, take him for a walk around the building.
A WALK AROUND STATEN ISLAND WITH DAVID HARTMAN AND BARRY LEWIS, Surveying New York's Greenest Borough, Premieres December 3